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By Dr. Feel Good

Do you ever eat a chocolate bar or some sweets and feel guilty about it or skip a work out and think, “I should have…” Well, this article is about getting over it. I call it G.O.I. (Get Over It) and have some fun. Life is too short to spend time beating ourselves up for what we did wrong or for chastising ourselves for what we should have done or should do. It feels as though there is an overwhelming pressure to be healthy, eat healthy, and act healthy. My question is, ‘How do we eat, act, be and do healthy and still have fun?’ My fun formula for healthy living is called ACT.

A stands for Always be happy with the choices you make. If you go for the salad at lunch savor the great tastes. If you choose a chocolate bar for a treat or snack enjoy every bite of it. The key is to always enjoy the choices you make.

C means make Conscious Choices. Be consciously aware of what you choose to do in your life as it pertains to you being as healthy as you desire, being in the shape you want to be in and looking as great as you want to look. The choices we make everyday influence our end results. It is up to you to make your life enjoyable while getting the results you want. Think about the results you want and make your choices accordingly. Remember it is ok to treat yourself. The only rule is to always enjoy it when you do.

T is for making your healthy choices Terrifically Fun. Play football, toss a Frisbee, go dancing – or do an activity you have always wanted to do but have never done. Experiment with foods, take a cooking class, or buy a cool cookbook. Make time for yourself and treat yourself to extreme self-care. Get your friends involved. If they do not want to join you, take a leap of faith and do it on your own. You will be guaranteed to meet knew people who like to do what you do and who knows they may become you best friends or new business contacts.

Some Terrifically Fun Ideas to ACT on

  • Throw a dinner party for a few friends and serve healthy home made food. Grilled or barbequed food is always a healthy option. It tastes great and cuts down on dishes.
  • Have a potluck supper where everyone has to bring a homemade or organic dish. You can be as creative as you want with this one.
  • Invite some friends out to the local field or beach to play some games or sports
  • Start a walking or running group
  • Enjoy your foods
  • Join in an activity or two at your community center
  • Do something you have always wanted to do...perhaps an activity, or eat a food you have always wanted to try
  • When you travel make it a bike trip, hiking tour, kayaking adventure or a backpacking excursion
ACT on making healthy living fun. Discover what juices you about being healthy and living a balanced life. Incorporate fun into your health by enjoying the foods you eat, exercise you do and the down time in between when you are treating yourself to small and big pleasures.

Natalie J Forstbauer, aka "Dr. Feel Good" is an expert on Healthy Living and Life Balance. She is an author and professional speaker who remembers to make room for chocolate in her diet. Natalie lives on a certified organic farm and loves it. Watch for her book this fall called "Health In A Hurry - Simple Solutions For The Time-Starved."




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