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Creative Activity Projects = Creactivity

By Kevin Thomson

Hey! I know you. You are a creative person. Every time you open your mouth and unleash a sentence or a phrase or an audible sound, you have chosen from millions of options and created something unique. Something that only you could have said at that moment.

You are also an active person. Every breath you take and every step you make is an activity based on a goal of moving forward to the next goal.
And the other thing I know about you is that you are a fun-seeker because you are reading this article.

Life has many surprises, and one of the things I’ve discovered is that when you combine things you like to do, your pleasure is multiplied. Surely you have experienced this many times like when you sing in the shower, or seat dance while driving, or making out while hang gliding. The pleasures are multiplied because you’re being creative while you are being active. I call that Creactivity.

What if you could combine some things you enjoy making them even more fun and memorable? Like having a costumes and games party? How about having someone read a good book to you while you cook up dinner? Have you ever tried to run and play golf? What about playing tennis on inline skates? Would you consider riding your bicycle under water? Can you see the humor in even trying to do these things? I can assure you of their high memory retention properties!

If combining activities seems like a lot of work, you may just want to get a little bit Creactive by changing slightly the thing you like to do. You like walking with your loved one? How about one of you goes blindfolded? Or maybe take one hour where you are not to communicate through words? Whatever you choose, it adds a bit of spice to the day.

My friends and I are into endurance running, but we have had a hard time finding the time needed to go out for an adventure. So we got creative and went from dusk to dawn, and all we had to do was give up some sleeping time. In addition, we found that being out at night in the mountains was spectacular. When you apply creativity to your activity, you may find unexpected rewards.

It’s always amazing to me that we often think about having lots of money and then we’ll have lots of fun. But I think if we take a few moments to get creative with what we like to do, we find that money isn’t critical to enjoying life. In fact, there doesn’t seem to be any one particular thing that is critical to enjoying life. For me, it’s the mix of all things that keeps me interested in life. It’s being creative and being active. We’re all creative and active. We couldn’t live any other way and you know it.
Caution: Applying Creactivity to your favourite things may form addictions!

Combining Reading and Snorkelling

Kevin Thomson was the first person to run solo across Canada (8078km or 5048miles) without a support team. He is an avid lover of life and has been a huge inspiration to Ted Schredd and Discoverfun. If you would like to email Kevin, contact him at

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