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Fun in the Rain

by Shannon Wand

The most fun I have ever had in the rain was with my friend Kim. We had been out shopping in downtown Montreal and all of a sudden this power shower came gushing down on us. It was the kind of rain that just drenches you completely. Big fat wet drops splashed everywhere.

The rain that fell on the streets and cars exploded and shot right back up again. It was so heavy that rivers began almost as soon as the rain itself had. People were running for cover in shop doorways, cars and malls. It was mayhem.

I thought it would be funny to jump in a puddle so that it would all land upon Kim. She thought it would be funny to do it back to me. Before long we were running down Ste. Catherine’s street laughing and screaming, trying to find the deepest puddle of all time.

Once that coveted spot was found, we went rank on one another. When your shoes are wet, they make very good slingers of water. If you take them off, even better! Our hair was dripping. Our clothes clung. Our faces hurt from smiling so hard.

We were having the time of our lives. The people who took cover were smirking at us and laughing at the two silly wet girls who were having such a good time. We pushed each other towards the sidewalk edge so the passing cars would soak us even more. It was outrageous amounts of fun. Did I mention that we were on our way to meet Kim’s dad at his office?

Kim’s dad worked at what seemed to me a very posh office building. Everyone seemed to wear only gray or beige and smiling was clearly prohibited. And then there were Kim and me. We sneaker-squeaked our way to the elevator, suppressing giggles that exploded into oxygen-depriving laughter all the way up to the tenth floor.

Needless to say, Kim’s dad wasn’t thrilled at our lack of dryness. We were, after all, to ride home in his car. We didn’t care. We were still busy trying not to “tee hee hee” our way into a serious lecture about being serious in a serious world.

The great thing about playing in the rain is that the rain itself is the only tool you need. It is a spontaneous way to spend some time that will keep you smiling long after the sun has come out again. You can play alone, with your family, one friend or a bunch. It’s free and available. So lose the umbrella, get out there and get wet!




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