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Why does it upset so many people?

by Ted Schredd

It always makes me laugh when people are silly in public. But that is not a typical societal response to public silliness. It seems like a lot of people seem to put their nose up in the air when they see an open display of ludicrous behavior.

Just the other day I was in Dairy Queen with my friend Erin we encountered this situation. We ordered our dessert and proceeded to get as much ice cream around our mouths instead of inside of our mouths. It brought all the customers to a state of hushed disapproval. We were having a great old time much to the dismay of the people around us.

Why can people laugh until they fall off their chair when they see silly actions on TV but when the display is in public they become embarrassed? Why? Why would you draw that line? Because some where in your upbringing you were taught that to be a little outrageous was bad. And even if it was somebody else being silly, it was still bad. I say Horse Puckeys!

When people are laughing and participating in public mock foolery enjoy it. Don't be a judge of what is and isn't appropriate. Enjoy the clowns of the world instead of being disgusted. Sure if people are disturbing you that is different, but when people are engaged in silliness go ahead and let that be a form of free amusement.

Its Ok to have fun or enjoy others having fun in public. A couple of weeks ago I was invited to speak at a bookshop called Phoenix on Bowen on Bowen Island just off the east coast of Vancouver Island. There I met Jan and Lois. These two were dressed up for no reason except to be silly and have fun. Jan was trying so hard not to laugh as he tried to keep a straight face. What a wonderful way to live that you have so much laughter within you that when you try to contain it you can't. I love these two for their zest for life and not caring what others think.

If you want to add some silliness you will have to get past "How you should" behave. If being grumpy or being silly and fun are your choices - pick silly.




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