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Seven Silly Myths about Health and the Moon

Myth One: Dirt on vegetables is dangerously bad for you.

If that was true I would be really sick right now. I eat carrots right out of the ground all the time and I am healthier than ever! Most of our parents and grandparents would be suffering from dirt disorder too considering many of them grew up eating food straight from the garden. PS. Dirt washes off.

Myth Two: Produce has to look perfect for it to taste good and be nutritious.

The best tasting fruit on the shelf is the one with little wormholes in it. That is a fact. All farmers and food connoisseurs know it.

Myth Three: A diet coke makes up for the Big Mac, fries and ice cream.

Did you know that aspartame is believed to cause cancer, seizures and even weight gain? Ironic that there has been a rise in obesity since the artificial sweeteners have come out on the market. Add to it the hamburger, fries and ice cream you have the perfect recipe for big butt.

Myth Four: Take long naps to catch up on sleep.

Yeah right! If you are anything like me, then you will end up in bed all day. If we listen to sleep experts they say to take short 15-minute power naps to catch up on sleep and be more rested. A consistent sleep pattern is the best way to be rested.

Myth Five: Yoga does not tone muscles.

Yoga does in fact tone muscles. All the muscles. Even the love shack muscles. Holding certain poses, the breath work that is done and the movements used through out yoga not only tones the muscles, but is great at improving the love quotient in the bedroom in many ways.

Myth Six: There is no difference between certified organic food and conventional food.

Sure there is, certified organic food has a higher protein content. Being an organic farmer, I think we should charge extra for the bugs, worms and critters on organic food, but for some reason the consumers don't go for it. So if you like bland food, with plenty of chemicals - eat non organic foods. Otherwise choose certified organic.

Myth Seven: The moon is made of cheese

That's just not true. The moon is made of old sausages.

Natalie J Forstbauer, aka "Dr. Feel Good" is an expert on Healthy Living and Life Balance. She is an author and professional speaker who remembers to make room for chocolate in her diet. Natalie lives on a certified organic farm and loves it. Watch for her book this fall called "Health In A Hurry - Simple Solutions For The Time-Starved." Visit her at




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