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By Fun Researcher #21 Martina Lange

I just got back from a three week trip to Australia. I picked Australia to visit my friend Louise in Sydney and to see what the world feels like from the other side of the planet. Louise took me for a drive north of Sydney up the coast to Fraser Island . Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world, filled with fresh water lakes, dingoes, lots of funny sounding birds, and is only accessible by 4x4.

We walked along part of the 180km long beach on Fraser Island where we found a huge sand hill and a piece of cardboard which seemed perfect for sliding down the hill. After a closer look at the 45 degree hill we decided it was too dangerous. As we wimped out, two young Aussie boys, came to repossess the cardboard that we had heisted from them. "You two ladies want us to escort you to the top of the hill? It's fun and it only takes a minute to go up. Come, we'll show you".


The little boys showed us it really wasn't as dangerous as it looked, but it still looked very scary. We were sliding down the hill, then running down the hill, it was worth all the risk. We wouldn't have discovered this fun without our Aussie Children fun guides.

The next day we went to another hill that ended up in a pristine fresh water lake. It was hot, nobody was around (.wow we could be naked), and the sand felt like soft tissue. We took off our clothes and rolled down the hill naked into the turquoise colored lake. The sand, the water, the sun, everything had just the right temperature and texture Eagles were flying above us and we could hear the kookaburras laughing in the distance. I hope they weren't laughing at my breasts. We laughed so hard I felt like a six year old.

Being naked is fun as long it doesn't offend anybody in public. Let your bits free and try it sometime.

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