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By Ted Schredd

Well I must say right up front that Discover Fun does not endorse any kind of alcoholic based fun. Not that it is bad we just don’t endorse it. But…

I just had to tell you about this event because it is so darn funny. My friend Kevin (who has run across Canada) had his bi annual jog a lager event and thought you really needed to hear about it.

Kevin invites all his “running” friends over to his house. At 6:00 pm participants start running a one km course through the streets of Vancouver. It’s pretty simple. They run a km and they drink a beer. Some non beer drinkers substitute margaritas or gin and tonics. The event runs for three hours.

Now a couple of funny things happen. Most of the participants are extremely good runners but not so good drinkers. The combination of endorphins from exercise and the alcohol endorphins makes for some extremely, how could you say, jubilant people.

This also creates an excellent opportunity for some practical jokes by the non participants. There are three fine fellows that live at Kevin’s house; Kevin, Roger and Eric. So RJ, Rob and I unloaded the kitchen and loaded it into Roger and Kevin’s room. Soup cans in the bed, in the pillows cases, clean pots in the dirty laundry, dirty pots in the clean laundry – you get the idea. We avoided Eric because he had his new girlfriend over and we thought that it wouldn’t be good etiquette.

Now we left, and the drunken athletes partied on through the night. Roger at one point discovered the cans and also discovered that Eric’s room was left untouched by the wrath of kitchen paraphernalia. So immediately assuming that Eric was the culprit, Roger dumped a very large jar of change into Eric’s bed.

The next morning Eric woke up totally oblivious to the fact that all the change had stuck his body and was falling off one coin at a time. Because of his massive hangover he couldn’t figure out exactly what that, “ching ching” sound was as the coins fell off his body. Most of the participants didn’t remember anything after the run and were hung-over for more than a day.

This is definitely not recommended by Discover Fun but we thought you might enjoy how dangerous some of my friends are.

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