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Coach B ender

My Super Scooter
Coach Bender

One of the easiest way to enjoy life is the by appreciating the little things. Oh sure, it is easy for us to appreciate the big things, like my wife (She’s big all right only because she is due to have a baby at any moment). But when you learn to appreciate the little things, that’s when your life can take a giant leap towards joy. For me I feel an enormous amount of joy for my scooter.

Yes, my scooter. Why does it make me happy?

It gets me around cheap...less than the price of a monthly bus pass
The blinkers work really well. They blink and blink

My legs are extended when my feet are on the ground...not like a tricycle

It’s easy to open the seat to reveal a storage space beneath. (I keep sandwiches there)

It’s easy to park - way easier than a bus
There is a spot for my passenger's feet (and their bum too)

The breeze cools me off and chicks dig it how cool I look

I feel freedom (Just like Peter Fonda in Easy Rider)

There is a rack on the back of the seat that will easily hold a large rock or a small goat

It strengthens my inner ankle muscles when I squeeze my Day-Timer between my feet

People smile at me very often as I ride by

I hear wonderful comments like:
" Holy cow that's a big man on a little scooter"
" You’re the styling scooter, dude!"
" Mommy can’t that man afford a real motorbike?"

Most people take a lot of the details on their life for granted. It may sound stupid but my scooter brings me joy – and plenty of it! So if someone was to ask you what little thing in your life brings you immense joy what would it be?

Give Coach Bender a shout and say "Bender loves his scooter" and receive a complimentary coaching session worth $100 US dollars. Call toll free in North America 1.866.824.8295

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