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Coach B ender

By Ted Schredd

Ahh don’t you just love when you get a spam email, a phone solicitor at dinner or if you have a fax machine you are always finding a special deal on toner. But I have solutions…

I have been getting calls on my cell phone from a fax machine for about four years now. It usually only happens when I am out of town so when the fax calls I get charged for long distance and airtime. Then because the phone doesn’t engage the fax - the fax calls back every couple of hours for my entire road trip! And no there is no number shown on the call display.

When I call forward my cell phone to my office then I receive the faxes. On those faxes there is a number to remove my number from the list. After six different calls I am still getting unsolicited faxes. But with a little change in my attitude, I kind of get excited when I these Spam faxes arrive.

First I would look up the company on the web. Most of these companies have toll free fax numbers so that you can place your order for their product. My cover page tells them to remove my cell phone number then they get 20 -50 pages of pizza menus, tax forms – anything that doesn’t have my pertinent information on it. Then I send and send and send. Sometimes they try to fax me back but I never answer. I just send a follow up fax that asks them what part of don’t fax me don’t you understand?

But my friend Terry the Kiwi showed me how to take it to the next level. Make an endless loop fax (See photo) that can run through your fax machine for a week - but I am sure they will unplug the phone long before that.

A note of caution: taping the three pieces of paper can be a little tricky. Make sure you don’t jam your own fax machine. It takes a little practice – but it sure is cool when you make it happen.

Anyway, at least with phone solicitors you can mess with their psyche. (He he) Check out this article on how to handle a telemarketer.


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