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Coach B ender

By Kevin Thomson

I hate learning. But I love experiences. If learning is involved in my experiences, so is forgetting, so if I liked learning, I would also have to like forgetting. Since I don’t like forgetting, I don’t like learning. Hate is a bit too strong a word, but “don’t like” seems to work for me.

Someone once told me that life is all about learning things. I thought that was crazy talk. Why would any creator make us learn things all our life? And if there is no creator, why would “evolution” dictate to us to “learn stuff”? It doesn’t make any sense to me. Then that person argued that life didn’t make any sense. I thought that was even crazier. Of course life makes sense!

Life is quite simple, actually. If you remove all the silly rules we’ve placed upon ourselves. Each of us since the beginning of time has been born, eats, drinks, sleeps, has experiences and dies. The only variables there are the details we choose and the details that random chance provides. Our choices make us who we are. Random chance gives us the opportunity to experience unique things. Choice and random chance are delicious! They are very exciting tools for enjoying life. Way more exciting than “learning stuff”.

Every time I learn something, I end up forgetting it later on anyway. So if I believed that life was about how good my memory is, I would surely feel like a significant failure.

I don’t have to “remember” to eat, drink, sleep or die. My body will tell me when I should focus on those things. I don’t have to learn how to have puberty, or grow hair to replace the ones that drop off (although I could have used a little help on the top of my head – do you think that was a lapse in my learning?). I don’t have to learn how to fall in love, and I don’t have to learn how to fall out of love. In fact, that’s a very good lesson to not go through the learning. I’m so glad the universe is looking out for me, and not my memory of things I’ve learned. I’m so glad that I can choose to learn things for various reasons, but if I forget them later on, that’s okay!

So I guess learning is okay if you choose to do so. In fact, I’ve enjoyed many moments of learning. Come to think of it, some of the greatest moments of my life have taught me some things, but I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten them. But that’s okay. I can learn it again when I choose to.

But this is all just my opinion, and you probably have your own. Next month you can write an article for Ted, and I’ll read it and have an opinion on it too. And we’ll have still learned nothing, but we’ll have some great experiences. Have a fantastic, experienced filled day and take it easy on the learning. And don’t forget about the forgetting!

Kevin Thomson was the first person to run solo across Canada (8078km or 5048miles) without a support team. He is an avid lover of life and has been a huge inspiration to Ted Schredd and Discoverfun. If you would like to email Kevin, contact him at

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