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A Most Memorable Year 2010

By Kevin Thomson – Staff Writer

We spend all our lives seeking answers. We seek conclusions. We seek meanings. We seek ourselves. We seek sandwiches. As we grow, we find out more about ourselves. As we learn about ourselves, we discover there’s more we are capable of. As we discover our capabilities, we experience new and thrilling aspects of life. As we experience life, we grow. Within these small aspects of life lie important lessons and growth opportunities for each of us.

2011 is upon us. Although it is just a label, we can use the label to symbolize a period of our life. What was your highlight of 2009? Was it when you were "doing" something or when you were waiting for something to happen? Was it something random or planned? Was it emotional or logical? Was it duplicable or unique? Your answers to these questions could provide you with a game plan for the next 12 month period. Like it or not, whatever you do in the next 12 months is how you will remember 2011.

For me, the highlight was and always will be the people. People in situations where they are closer to their "raw" selves than normal. A cocktail party is not where I meet "people", but rather where I may meet the "portrayal" of people. To be fair, I’ve met "portrayals" of people in the outdoors too, but that doesn’t last long when the action starts. In general, people tend to be more themselves in natural settings and when they are asked to put themselves to the test. That’s where my favorite moments of 2010 were.

What were your highlights of 2010? That is where you need to expand, relish and enjoy in 2011 but in a bigger, better fashion. I’m sure we all realize the potential for excitement in 2011 is up to each one of us. I am going to take 2011 and turn it into the most memorable year, what about you?

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