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More Buffoonery

By Shannon Wand – Staff Writer

Did you know that if you look up the word fun in a thesaurus that one of the nouns offered is “buffoonery?” Even the word itself is fun to say. Say it aloud right now! Come on, it’s your first step in having a buffoon-a-luscious day. Say it! Buffoonery

I’ll get to the point; my news year’s resolution this year is to have more buffoonery. That is all I ask of myself. Last year it was to not argue with my brother. That hasn’t worked out but I have great hopes for this year.

If I have fun, then life is more enjoyable. That means a pleasant experience for those around me, too. Well, minus my brother of course, but everyone else is bound to have a great time. When standing in one of those enormous line-ups listening to some lady demand that her ten cents off coupon for no-name brand soup be honored even though it expired when penny loafers-with the penny in them-were still in style - I will be having fun. Yup, I’ll be the one humming to myself with a smile on my face.

When I have to push eighteen buttons only to be given thirty-two more options from the fantastic automated Visa representative only to be put on hold and forced to listen to “muzak” for an estimated 12 minutes before someone answers the phone and transfers me to the wrong department I will still be having fun. Not as much fun as when I am, say, sipping Pina Coladas by the pool, but fun nonetheless.

I’m going to realize that whether I enjoy my time or not I still have to spend that time. I may as well make sure that my time is spent wisely. What’s the point in getting my panties in a bunch when I can’t change the situation? I have no control over how slow the cashier is but I do have control over how I handle it. I can have fun. I can read magazines for free. I can check out what the fella ahead of me is buying and try to analyze his life. I can file my nails or be like Cindy Crawford and do “butt squeezes” while I wait. Now I am having fun and getting fit!

Before I call anywhere that I know I will have to be on hold I will make sure that I have something to do while I wait. I will color and not care if I stay within the lines or I will walk around with my portable phone and water my plants. See how productive not getting cranky can be!

That’s my plan. I will have more fun this coming year than I ever have had before. I will have so much fun that I will even stop arguing with my brother about whether or not “buffoonery” is a word. That’s an easy one, though, as I already won that one. Get out there and buffoon up the world.




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