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Here is the Discover Fun Magazine Article List. There are articles on a wide array of topics all with the main theme of fun(Give or take an article or two).

If you have a fun activity, person or concept from your part of the world that you want to share with us - send it in. We will post it on the web and if it is really good( or at least make us ha ha twice), we will send you a cool fridge magnet.

Here are the Categories:

Articles about Fun Concepts Adding more fun to your life

Articles about Fun Stories Interesting

Articles About Travel and Fun - Fun Events and Locations

Fun with Families Articles - Articles related to family fun issues

Fun With Love and Dating - Smooching and all that



Articles about Fun Concepts

Being Commited to Being Fun - By Coach Bender - Bender tells it like it is

Why I Started a Laughter Club - By Jan MacQuarrie

Is it Easy to Laugh at A Time Like This? - By Sandy Dorrian - Trying to see the funny side of life when things aren't so funny

Be Young at Heart Whenever You Can - By Ted Schredd - Retain your childlike qualities

Living With No Regrets - By Ted Schredd - Any regrets if you died today?

Creactivity - By Kevin Thomson - Combining creativity and activities

Positive Sneakiness - By Ted Schredd - A trick to get your friends to play with you

I Am In Love - By Ted Schredd - Ted's Love of Fun

The Most Memorable Year - By Kevin Thomson

More Buffoonery - By Shannon Wand - Adding buffoonery to your life

Are You A Risk Taker? - By Kevin Thomson - Taking risks to add some fun

Lemons into Lemonade - By Ted Schredd - A lemon of a car turns into a very rewarding experience

Make Your Friends Feel Fantastic - By Ted Schredd - Treat your friends really well

True Friends Are Not Dream Crushers - By David Leonhardt - How you should be treated by your friends

When Jokes Go Bad -By Shannon Wand - How To Make a Bad Joke Funny

Fun in the Rain - By Shannon Wand - Making the rain more enjoyable

Complaining With Fun


Articles about Fun Stories and Fun Philosophy

Dog Biscuits for Children Prank - Ted Schredd - Having a laugh at the Supermarket

Mike Kerr's Crunchy Bone Prank
- By Ted Schredd - A great party trick

Trick the Wine Master - By Tom Cox - A little trick on how to trick a wine master

A Weird Thing to Do Naked - By Fun Researcher #21

Jog-A-Lager - By Ted Schredd - Combining beer and jogging

Fun Ways to Get Rid of Spammers – Ted Schredd - Getting rid of spammers, and unsolicited faxes

Blueberry Blast - By Ted Schredd - Shoot Blueberries out your nose!

Tease a Tele-Marketer - By Shannon Wand- How To Ditch a Phone Solicitor

I wish I had breasts - Coach Bender - A new father gets jealous of his wife

I Hate Learning – Kevin Thomson - Kevin's twist on the subject of learning

My Super Scooter - By Coach Bender - Coach Bender rants about his new scooter

Silliness in Public - By Ted Schredd - Ted whines about the intolerance of silliness

Playing Hackeysack with a World Champion - by Ted Schredd - An interview with


Articles about Travel and Fun

24 Hours of Adrenalin - By Ted Schredd- A really cool mountain bike race that takes place all over North America

Playing Street Hockey in Belize - by Doug Murray- Two worlds collide - hockey and tropical

Road Trip to the Beaver Open By Ted Schredd - The world's longest running Footbag (Hackeysack) Competition.

Burning Man Report - From Fun Researchers #56 and #57

Summer Snowballs - By Ted Schredd How to make snowballs in the middle of summer

Fun Bike Event – Ted Schredd - Good people make for a good bike event

White Water Rafting - By Ted Schredd

Trip to Disneyland - By Ted Schredd

Worlds Largest Bar-B-Q Pork Festival in Memphis, TN - By Ted Schredd

Having Fun in Singapore by Francis Heng

Snowcarving in Japan - David Durreault


Fun with Families Articles

Being Silly With Children - By Billy Mitchell

Biking with Babies - Billy Mitchell

Go Fly a Kite - by Billy Mitchell - The Fun of Kite Flying

The Power of Yes & Children - By Billy Mitchell

Monopoly -By Shannon Wand - Is it a good message for our children?

My Grandma Most Definitely Knows the F Word - By Tracy Wells - A great story of a wonderful soul

Burn your Homework - Ted Schredd - A great cleansing exercise at the end of the school year

Nice Words Game - tricking Children to happiness by Fun Researcher #33

Winter Furniture Fun - By Jennifer Wood - Building your living room on your front lawn

Seven Silly Myths about Health and the Moon - By Dr. Feelgood

How a Wisconsin Gramma uses silliness and fun to help sick children - By Ted Schredd

Play for the Health of it - By Dr. Feel Good - Use fun as away to get healthy

Go Nuts For Halloween - Halloween Fun

Top 10 Things To Do at Xmas - By Ted Schredd

The Really Wrapped Up Present Game
- By Ted Schredd - An interesting present game

How To Have A Great Party - By Ted Schredd - Tips for having a great party

Give the Gift of Fun -By Ted Schredd - Helpful Gift Ideas

Having More Fun at Christmas - By Ted Schredd - Making New Traditions


Love and Dating

Valentine Expectations – by Ted Schredd - Setting proper expectations for Valentine's Day

Marathon Wedding Proposal – by David Carlisle - The story of love, marathons and a little fun

Don’t Expect a Valentine – by Lynda Kerr

What to do When you Have no Lover
- by Ted Schredd - Keeping your spirits up when there is only you

Can Love Be Fun? - By Kevin Thomson- Expanding your mind to love

First Kiss - by Shannon Wand - Remembering your First Kiss

Smiling -by Shannon Wand -Do you really want to smooch with yourself?

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