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Don't Expect a Valentine

By Ted Schredd

The amount of pressure on us today in society to be in a perfect relationship is ridiculous. Every restaurant, every flower shop, every lovely card maker not only wants you to be all kissy kissy but you need to spend a lot of money doing it. So it comes February 14th and there is nobody to have dinner with….what do you do?

First of all hold your head high. Sure it would be great to go home after a lovely dinner and get your num nums rubbed but it doesn’t look like its going to happen this time. So you say Ted you are not helping me….

If you are moping around about how single you are, how are you ever going to attract someone that you can go num num rubbing with? When you meet someone who is depressed, sad and lonely who goes on and on about how nobody loves them and they will probably die a loner does that turn you on? Of course not. When you meet a potential lover you want them to be confident, proud and sexy.

What are you doing today to make your self a better person? Do you need to lose a little weight, brush your hair or have a shower? Maybe you need to stop swearing, drinking or kicking kittens. Maybe you need to get some new clothes or improve your career. Be proactive on becoming a better person. Buy a book on dating, go to a seminar - be committed to do whatever it takes. It maybe just a slight shift in attitude that could get you all the lovers you will ever need. If you don’t know why, why aren’t you trying to discover what it is?

If you are making yourself a better person you win. Get healthy and happy and you will greatly increase your chances of attracting that special someone. If your results have been no lover, then you need to change your actions to get different results.

There are millions and millions of potential mates for you out there. Be confident that you will find one. It is way better than feeling sorry for yourself. Accept the fact that you are single right now and be totally ok with that. It’s ok to be single but it’s not ok to pout about it. I believe in you…do you?




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