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Don't Expect a Valentine

By Ted Schredd

I have heard so many horror stories about Valentines Day outings that have gone ugly. My friend Scott worked at a restaurant where all the staff referred to Valentine’s as “Fight Night”. Why? Because the women had a certain expectation of what Valentine’s should be and the guys just didn’t deliver. If you have a specific way of being shown that you are loved and you don’t get it you might not be a happy pumpkin.

Example: Joanne just wants to hear the words, “I love you”. Her boyfriend Larry buys flowers, gets a limo, takes her to the most expensive restaurant in town. After dinner Joanne is still waiting. Larry doesn’t understand why Joanne appears to be getting mad. He has already spent over $400 and Joanne isn’t even cracking a smile. Larry becomes upset that all his efforts are not appreciated. She calls him shallow and he calls her ungrateful. The two lovers break into a hair pulling, noogey giving, wedgy flying scrap in the middle of the restaurant. Harsh words are said and things have gotten way out of hand.

Ok this example is a little extreme. But if Larry would have figured out what Joanne really wanted he would have saved $400 and been a hero at the same time. So what am I saying? Don’t expect your lover to telepathically understand what you want for Valentine’s. They love you, they want to please you and they will do what is that you want. If they only knew what that is. Communicate your expectations. It pays to advertise.

Now if your lover isn’t dropping any hints as to what they are looking for here is the question that you can ask, “If someone was to ask you, ‘What would you like to happen on Valentine’s Day to show that you are really loved – what would you tell tem?’” They should give you a very clear answer. Wouldn’t it be easier to make your valentine happy if you knew exactly what they were expecting? Of course it would.

Make your expectations clear wherever and whenever you can and you will solve so many problems in life. Feel free to go above and beyond their expectations to make them a joyous lover that will make all your naughty dreams come true. Read the chapter on expectations on the home page for more ideas and have a great Valentine’s.




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