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By Ted Schredd

This time of year can be very depressing for people, no one to smooch, or to be smooched by. Valentine’s Day has a special memory for me. It was three Valentine’s ago that my wife handed me the divorce papers and as they say in comedy, “Timing is everything”.

So it’s Valentine’s and the pressure is on, to either please your lover, or to have a lover. Now right now, I have no lover to speak of, but I am in love. I am not referring to a person, I am referring to falling in love with fun itself. I love fun. I love the smell, the sight and the plethora of good feelings that fun gives me. I love fun in the morning, the afternoon and anytime in the evening.

From my research I have learned that in order to have a lot of fun in your life you must love it. I meet so many people that rarely pursue having fun on a regular basis. They might even be grouped into the boring category. That is the reason they are boring. They are not passionate about enjoying life and having fun.

We have more opportunity and access to having fun than at any other point in history. We set goals so that we can achieve happiness by pursuing things that we think will make us happy. Why not just set a goal to be happy. To have fun wherever and whenever possible? This seems so simple. To just set a goal for happiness.

When you love something you become passionate about it. Passion pulls motivation out of your soul that you probably didn’t know existed. Get passionate about fun and you will find that you will be laughing and giggling more than you thought possible. Fall in love with the act of having fun this Valentine’s Day and whether you are single or not you probably won’t give a damn.




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