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By Ted Schredd

Now this one may sound a little dumb but we have tested it and it is a lot of fun. Take a present that will work for just about anybody like a box of chocolates or a certificate or something like that. Then wrap it up at least twenty maybe thirty times. You can use newspaper or scrap paper or whatever you want. Just make sure that each layer is tight around the main present. If it is a certificate or something that can be damaged by the act if ripping paper then putting in some kid of protective box. This game may get a little frantic.

Then get a group of people to sit in a circle. You will need one pair of dice, a set of oven mitts and of course the heavily wrapped present. Begin by letting people roll the dice. If they roll a set of doubles they put on the oven mitts and begin to peel away at the layers of the present. The other players roll the dice to see if they get doubles. Whoever gets the next set of doubles then they get to put on the mitts and continue unwrapping. Each player gets one roll of the dice and then they pass the dice to the next person.

As the game gets close to the end it gets very frantic. People try to roll the dice as fast as they can to get their turn at the oven mitts. The first person to actually touch the present wins.




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