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By Ted Schredd

  1. Play Street Hockey, touch Football or Softball (Depending on the Weather)
  2. Make your own magical moments - instead of renting DVD's about other families have fun
  3. Have a caterer for the big dinner - way more fun than cooking and cleaning
  4. Take chocolates to all of your neighbors as a family
  5. Make Crank Merry Christmas Calls or take presents to people who have to work on Christmas Day
  6. Use one of our Christmas Pranks to liven things up
  7. Have the whole family go for breakfast or lunch in their pajamas
  8. Wake up really early and hide all the presents all over the house. Make it a team effort to find them all
  9. Have a whole bunch of precooked Ginger Bread Men. Bring out all the decorations and let everybody decorate the Ginger Bread Men
  10. Go play in the snow

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