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Winter Furniture Fun

By Jennifer Wood

It was a brisk cold day in the winter of 1989. My two brothers Joseph, Spencer and myself were frolicking in the snow in our front yard. After hours of playing we were bored with the snowmen, igloos and forts. Wanting to expand our creativity we started making snow furniture. Before we knew it, we had a complete living room set with couches, lamp, TV and all! We refused to go inside the rest of the afternoon. Instead, we opted to relax in our frozen oasis and enjoy the perplexed looks we received from passers-by. Every once in a while our mother would peek out the front door to make sure we weren’t frozen to death or to bring us hot chocolate. Now, the story does not end here.

After countless cups of hot chocolate we found ourselves in a slight predicament…you can only imagine. And the last thing we were going to do was to go inside and abandon our hard work to the pillaging neighborhood children! Instead, my brothers did the next best thing…they constructed a snow toilet. Don’t worry once my parents saw what was going on, they dragged our numb little bums inside (no innocent snow was harmed). This situation is a classic example of how crazy traditions are started in my family.
Every year since that day, weather permitting, my brothers and I reunite in our front yard and build a snow living room and a large snow toilet in remembrance of childhood escapades from long ago.

”Awww toilets; where all of life’s great decisions are made.” Quote from my Brother Spencer

Instructions for making a superior snow toilet and other living room furniture:

  1. Roll a large snowball and pack it together really hard.
  2. Take a small garden shovel and spade and start slicing and dicing that sucker into the basic shape of a toilet, couch, etc.
  3. For artistic details you may like to carve out the toilet bowl and add a frozen icy lid on top (use cold water to freeze and pack it together).
  4. Make the coffee table, end tables and a TV too.

Nobody ever said that traditions can’t be changed. We just made a new better tradition. Better fun for us anyway. Have a great holiday season.

Jennifer Wood lives in Vancouver, BC




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