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Family Magazine Fun Articles - Funny Prank - Dog Biscuits

The Dog Biscuits for Kids Prank

By Ted Schredd

This is a great April Fools gag that you can pull off on your next trip to the Supermarket. This funny prank idea was sent in by Julie Clausen of the University of South Dakota. you need kids that would like to play a practical joke with you.

Take a couple friends or kids to the supermarket and buy a box of doggy
treats. While at the cash register, as you pay, the others in your party show a great eagerness about having one of the doggy treats...they just can't wait for one! You try to discourage them which starts a small disagreement. Using an authoritative voice you yell out, “Sit stay”. Then get your dog biscuit lovers to sit on the ground and put on their best puppy dog eyes. After paying for the biscuits ask the dogs to get up and heel all the way out of the store.

If anybody gives you any grief just reply, "Oh not to worry I only use all natural dog biscuits!"

Other angles on this are just carry some people cookies (that might be mistaken for dog treats) in a dog biscuit box around with you. Then demand dog tricks from your children and reward them accordingly. Make your child jump up and try grab the biscuit from your hands.

If they misbehave pull out a collar and tell them to smarten up. Then talk lots of baby or puppy talk to them. You know, over emphasize your love to the point of being repulsive. Head patting also helps as well as getting your “dog” to scratch themselves with their legs.

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