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By Ted Schredd

Just last week I was visiting with a friend who was off to a five day sailing race in the San Juan Islands. It was just two years before that she had signed up for some sailing lessons with her girlfriends and now she was off in this big race. I congratulated her on her most obvious advancement into her windy endeavor. She agreed but told me she had been sailing for twenty five years. “I don’t understand,” I paused, “Why did you take those sailing lessons – to brush up on your skills?” “No,” Deb said, “I just wanted to get my friends sailing so we all took a beginner course. Now they all love sailing and I have plenty of friends to go out on the boat with.”

Deb dropped all of her sailing ego and went back to basics. She inspired her friends into a new sport and diversified their fun portfolio. There was no forcing, only encouragement. If you want your friends to play with you, go take some beginner lessons with them. Everybody feels awkward at a new sport and just by being there with them you can be awkward together. You will earn respect from your friends and you may even get better at your activity. You will also gain diversified playmates that are truly inspired to be with you.

Hats off and a bow to Deb Johnson of Summerland, BC. Deb’s Positive Sneakiness Technique is a wonderful way to involve your friends in your life.

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