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Make Your Friend Feel Fantastic

By Ted Schredd
Courtesy of

Many moons ago I worked with a sand scupture building team. We would enter contests and build these gigantic sandcastles on the beach. At most events there were thousands of spectators who would approach you either while you were building, or after the project was done.

“You are so creative, you are so talented, you people are amazing”, were just some of the comments. After hearing that a few hundred times you really came to believe it to be true. Total strangers lined up waiting to build your confidence and stroke your ego. I remember being on an emotional high for days afterwards glowing in all that praise.

So I thought it would be really cool to pass this experience on to one of my friends. So I called up twenty people and passed on a phone number for my friend. The instructions were to call this person up and leave some kind of compliment either to the person directly or on their answering machine; and then hang up. They didn’t need to leave a name or why they were calling – just leave the compliment. It worked like a charm.

I remember when the favor was returned to me. My phone kept ringing and ringing, “Ted you are fantastic you can do anything CLICK” “Ted you can achieve your dreams CLICK”. I had no idea who these people were they just kept calling and telling me I was great. It always set a very confident tone for the rest of the day and the week.

This is a no cost way to make people feel fantastic. If you ever stumped for a birthday present try it for a birthday. Try it on somebody who needs a little morale boost. Do it for the sheer entertainment value. Make your friends feel fantastic.



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