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Scott Milne is a good friend of mine and has spent most of his adult life kicking around a footbag (Hackey Sack - Hackey Sack is a brand name not the name of the sport).

What is a footbag?

It's a little round bean bag but it is perfectly round, a certain weight, and a certain softness.

What are you supposed to do with it?
Keep it in the air with your feet.

Why would I play?
Footbag is plenty of fun, a great cardiovascular work out, improves your foot-eye coordination, it forces you to use both sides of your body, teaches you balance skills, timing and rhythm. Footbag can be played just for fun or in a competitive format, also it is great for both team and non team personalities.

How has footbag changed your life?
I always wanted to be best in the world at something. The first time I saw Footbag net being played I dropped every other sport that I played and have been a Footbagger ever since.

Hackey Sack/footbag has a hippy image is that a fair characterization of the game?
The sport is a lot bigger and more organized than most people know. There is an estimated $8 million in sales each year worldwide and 500 organized Footbag clubs in 47 countries.
What age would you recommend to play this game?
If you can walk - you can kick. It's a great warm up for almost any sport. Soccer coaches love it. It's a great way to pass the time at the bus top, the airport or to enhance your experience on the planet. It's very social because your goal is to always work with whoever you are with, to keep it in the air.

What are the rules when people are playing in a circle?
There are no rules per se, it is more etiquette. 1. Not allowed to say your sorry - because gravity always wins. (We checked with Newton and it is the truth) 2. You don't use your hands - if you can touch with your hands you can also kick it. You have more reach with your feet than your hands. 3. When the Footbag does hit the ground, you don't serve the bag to yourself to start up again. Always give a courtesy toss to one of your fellow players.

So there is more to it than overgrown pants and sandals - what are the competitive areas of the sport? There are five disciplines:

Freestyle Footbag Tricks to Music - You won't believe with they do with their feet.
Check out these video links of Freestyle Big(4meg) Small(715K)

Footbag Net - volleyball with your feet on a badminton court and a five foot net.
Video News Clip Big(5meg) Small(1 meg)

Footbag Golf - Instead of a club you use your foot. Your driver bag is hard and your putter bag is soft. Holes are 18 inches around and 18 inches off the ground.

5 minute Consecutive Kicks - The highest number of consecutive kicks in five minutes (Record is 1,019 Averages out to 3.4 kicks a second Andy Linder)

One Pass - The highest number of 10 foot consecutive passes from one playing partner to the other

What if I see someone playing Footbag, how do I join in and start my Footbag career? "Can I hack in?" is the universal translation for I want to play too. Most people who play footbag welcome in beginners openly.

What is the most number of consecutive kicks with a footbag?
63,326 by Ted Martin which took almost 9 hours

So tell me about "Danger Bag"
Oh you mean fire - it's a special Kevlar Footbag filled with Lava Rock - soaked in a secret highly adventurous fluid.
You must watch this Freestyle Fire Bag with Chard Cook and Scott Milne Big(2.5meg)

Where can I find out about getting me one of them footbags?
We sell about thirty different models - most are designed by myself and handmade with hands. Come by the web and check it out. Go to the Footbag Canada website

What is else is on your website?

  • Find a footbag club in your area
  • Make your own bag
  • Educational Materials
  • Glow in the dark footbags
  • Tips for doing tricks
  • Plenty of downloads
  • The Official Footbag Hall of Fame

Thanks Scotty for the Footbag Wisdom!

Scott is a 24 year veteran/ world champion at the sport of footbag. Scott has been paid (Yes paid) to kick a Footbag in 45 states, Europe, South East Asia, Australia, Mexico, including 1400 school assemblies and a six month stint at the World's Fair at Expo 92 in Seville, Spain.

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