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Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea Lists

Fun Things to Do at the Ideas List for Work or the Office

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Arm people with water pistols, Nerf balls or paper wads to assail anyone who is blocking creativity

Ask a work mate if they need a hand, then give them a photo copy of your hand

At the office, make your garbage can into your in-tray

Bring a different tablecloth and flowers for the lunch room everyday for a week

Call everyone bob or Richard, even the females.

Change the speed dial settings on a co workers phone

Change your accent every three minutes.

Crank up some music

Create a hall of fame photo gallery

Create an official lighten up room with books, posters, videos, etc.

Create the worst case scenario for your project - feel free to exaggerate

Decorate your office with fun posters - add a humor section to the bulletin board

Dress up like a flight attendant and stand in an elevator, when people get on hand them peanuts and tell them to enjoy their flight.

Give crazy awards fior the sexiest phone voice, biggest blunder, Most likely to OD on coffee, Largest toe contest or whatever

Give your boss a "wet willy" and blame it on someone else standing there.

Grab the whole team when you need to pick someone up at the airport

Have a contest to see who gets to paint a mural on the elevator doors

Have a slipper day.everyone wear slippers and have prizes for the funniest, the cutest, the most worn out etc.

Have fun with a photocopier or scanner

Have swivel chair races at work

Hold an awards ceremony during a particular stressful period

Hold meetings out of the board room - at a park, picnic site or a bowling alley

Mail an anonymous joke-of-the-week to someone on a regular basis

Move your desk into the elevator and ask anyone that comes in if they have an appointment.

Penalize people who talk about work when they are not at work

Play Nerf Frisbee in the office

Pray to the gods of the water cooler and leave various sacrifices.

Proudly show everyone your calculator and hand out cigars. Tell them your computer just had a baby.

Put a sign on your photocopier that says "New Copier - Voice activated - please speak your command" Watch the fun

Send odd emails from other peoples computers - Pretend you are them

Show home slides or videos in the office during lunch hour

Use a banana or any other vegetable as a pointer for your next presentation

Water the fake office plants.

Wear your thong over your trousers and act surprised when anyone notices

When people send you unsolicited faxes - Send them back to them about 600 times

Fun Things to Do at the Ideas List for Work or the Office

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