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Fun Things to Do List
Fun Things to Do List
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Fun Things to Do Online Idea List
500 Fun Things to do Menu

Start a Blog

Take soe pictures of really silly faces or subject matter and post them on Facebook

Play Scrabble Online with a stranger

Go to and read the list of 500 fun things to do

Go to the google translator on the internet and translate insults into different languages

Go web shopping for odd unique tshirts

Go check out some online casino action

Make a webpage, or, better yet, make a webpage about how cool having fun is

Search the net for instructions on how to make an origami tomato, hippo, baby carriage, or whatever comes to mind and attempt to make it.

Search your own name on the web - see what you find - if you find others with the same name email them and say hi.

See if you can make $25 selling something on Ebay

Find a place and organization that you might be interested in volunteering for and then request they mail you some information.

Sign up for an online dating service

Sign up online for discount cards for merchants with a crazy name like Larry HuffelDuffelBum

Surf the web

Take polls on the web and try to give the worst possible answers

Write music on a music composition program and post it on

Watch a video on and expand your mind

Make your own online to do

Map your thoughts at

Watch the best photos of the last seven days from Flickr

Sharpen your brain power at

Start a group on Facebook that is dedicated to Fun or Funny Pranks

Start a fun album of photos on Pinterest


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