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Spontaneous Fun Things to Do - Travel and Fun Road Trip Games
Spontaneous Fun Things to do Menu
    This part of the Spontaneous Fun Things to do Travel List is a list of destinations suggestions, as well as acitivities to consider when traveling or when on vacation

Rent a power boat/ scooter / or any other transportation device
Jump on your bed in the hotel room
Collect some sea shells from the seashore
Drive up and down Main Street blaring your favorite tunes
Set up an email notification for low cost airfares - so if ones comes up, you can go right now
Escape to a Bed & Breakfast
Extend your vacation by staying at friends and hostels
Get a hovercraft ride
Before you go on your vacation clear off the pictures on your digital camera so you have room for more.

Figure how to get your butt to Disneyland in the next six months
Find a peaceful piece of countryside and stay there for a while
Find some sand dunes to run down
Research cool "locals" restaurants at your vacation destination and then go eat there
Get a ride in a Hummer
Get a ride on a paddle wheeler
Get tickets to a random country like Latvia or Lithuania . Go to that country and find fun
Go beachcombing for driftwood and cool stones
Go explore caves for an entire holiday
Go for a glass-bottom boat ride
Go prospecting for gold
See what kind of museums are close by
Go to an active volcano
Go scuba diving in a place that takes your breath away
Go see the big local big sporting events
Next time you go to the airport,
take a limo

Go to one of the Top 10 Beaches in the world.....

Spontaneous Fun Things to do - Top Ten Beaches
Poipu Beach - Hawaii, USA
Khao Lak Beach - Phuket, Thailand
Matira Beach - Bora Bora, Pacific Ocean
Maroma Beach - Mexico
South Beach - Florida , USA
Pink Sands Beach - Bahamas
Ipanema Beach - Brazil
Biarritz France - St. Tropez France
Anse Sourse Beach - Seychelles
Clifton Beach - South Africa

Go to a cricket match in a country where cricket matters
Go to Mardi Gras

Go to the Grand Canyon
Go to the Rocky Mountains
Go to your nearest national park and find a hiking trail
Great Wall of China, or maybe India?
Hike to a waterfall then take a shower while your there (a showerfall)
Just go out the door and start meandering
Don't get caught hanging with the tourists all the time - go meet some locals or go to a local event
Play in the waves
Rent a 15 person van, load it up with people and go to your nearest mechanical bull
Rent a houseboat for a week
Ride the Orient Express
Start planning how to hike the top ten hikes...
Spontaneous Fun Things to do - Top Ten Hikes
West Coast Trail, BC, Canada
John Muir Trail, California, USA
Tongariro Northern Circuit, New Zealand
Ausangate Circuit, Peru
Sunshine to Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada
Glacier North Circle, Montana, USA
Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Tour de Mont Blanc, Europe
Overland Track, Tasmania

So maybe you can't afford a shuttle flight but what about planning a "Round the World Trip" and hit as many vacation destinations as you possibly can
Shower in a waterfall
Research some Snorkelling in Mexico
Spend a night in a themed hotel room with friends
Stay in a hostel
Stonehenge Spontaneous Fun things to do
Swim with dolphins
Take a jeep tour
Take a month of vacation in another country-rent a car there, drive each day a little, and sleep in the car in a new place each night.
Take a ride on a dinner train
Take a train ride instead of a plane ride
Take a week vacation in your own home town Take a weekend trip by yourself
Take an orienteering class
Take an RV trip
Take the highway and drive as far as you can. See where you end up
Go to New York and have an apple
Go to the Olympic Games
What about a cruise - look for a cruise deal online
On a big trip stay in a luxury hotel - even if its just for one night. Remember to check in as early as you can and stay as long as you can.
Try Alaska or any other northern location during summer solstice
Urban exploration - explore your own area
Visit New Orleans at least once
Whale watching

Go on a mind blowing ski vacation

Spontaneous Fun Things to do - Top Ten Ski Areas
Aspen, Colorado
Corina, Italy
Mont-Tremblant, Quebec
Stowe, Vermont
Chaonix Mont Blanc, France
Lake Louise, Alberta
Vail, Colorado
Zermatt, Switzerland
Kitzbuhel, Austria
Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia

B- I -N-G-O and bingo was the game-o
Go Goofy Bowling. Each frame try bowling with a different twist; wrong-handed, between your legs backwards, between someone else's legs, on one foot, holding a balloon between your legs, from on your knees, etc
Check out a rock concert
Check out the nearest waterslide

Garage sale and see who can get the best deal for a dollar

Disco music night and dance the night away

Fashion show

Go to an Improv Show

Local children's sporting events and cheer loudly

Local Farmers market or flea market

The Aquarium

An observatory on a star-filled night

The symphony spontaneous fun things to do when ur bored


Hang out at the local roller rink


Ride your nearest roller coaster

Spend the day at a fair and street market.

Go to The Movies

Tour a TV studio or any big manufacturing company

Visit a farm

Visit your closest Aboriginal arts display

Visit your local science center


Fun Roadtrip Games

  • Go on the web and make a list of all the interesting stops you could make on your journey
  • When on a road trip, post your cell phone number in visible, bold numbers in your rear window. See who calls.
  • When stopped at a red light in your car when the light turns green everyone jump out of the vehicle, run around it, jump back in and take off
  • Wherever you go make sure you draw up a pirate map to show to everyone along the way.
  • Write letters on airplane barf bags and mail them from your vacation destination.
  • Make a documentary film about your entire road trip. If you don't have a video camera then do it with your digital camera. Make sure you have a beginning a middle and an end.
  • Every town you go to or through play the same activity in every location. Like bowling, tennis, frisbee or catch
  • Keep a journal of your travels
  • Phone oyur friends when you are doing something adventurous. Like on a rollercoaster or fromthe Golden Gate Bridge. Tell them you were thinking of them and wish they were there with you.
  • Play name that tune when the radio is on
  • 20 Questions
  • Make a list of fun-questions to ask each other when traveling down the road

Spontaneous Fun Things to do Menu

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