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Spontaneous Fun Things to Do - Stress Reduction and Random Acts of Kindness
Spontaneous Fun Things to do Menu

Getting rid of stress is just as important as having fun. If you are asking yourself, "Am I depressed" you may want to get professional help if none of these suggestions work. The following will help you with your pain and stress reduction and some great ideas for Random Acts of Kindness.

Stress Reduction

Drink coffee in the morning sunshine
Eat your dinner on the beach or by a lake or somewhere relaxing and fantastic
Feed the ducks at the park
Find a quiet place for a rocking chair ride
Get a blanket and a book and find a place to park it - inside or go outside for a quiet place to read
Get a therapeutic massage - also consider Thai Massage, Reiki or some other ritual that involves rubbing your body parts
Get some flowers for yourself
Give or get a shoulder massage
Read travel magazines or adventure books about faraway pspontaneous fun things to do - what to do when ur bored - fun roadtrip gameslaces
Get out your bathing suit/bikini and go do some tanning on a deck or at the beach
Go to bed to nap or dream or both!
Have a mud bath
Turn off your iphone, blackberry or cell phone
Hire a foot masseuse
Go to a beauty salon and get a celebrity hairstyle
Listen to music that relaxes you
Do a Puzzle - Crossword Puzzle - Jigsaw Puzzle or Sudoku Puzzle
Take your dog or somebody's dog for a walk
Go through some old photo books
Book a hotel room at a luxury hotel
Watch funny movies
Exercise - make a workout routine with whatever activity you like - just pick something that you can get lost in for a couple of hours - maybe you just need an interesting hiking trail to go explore
Pick a favorite place to watch the sunset or sunrise and go there often
Rest under your favorite tree
Sleep in a tree house, field or under the stars
Go out and get some fresh air
Enjoy your garden or somebody else's garden
Stretch out your body
Fill your mind with positive thoughts - if necessary write down all your bad thoughts onto a piece of paper and then burn the paper
Smell the roses or any other plants, tress or flowers of the world
Watch a fish tank filled with tropical fishspontaneous fun things to do - relax - pain and stress reduction
Have a fire and stare into it
Snuggle with gentle creatures
Spend some quality time with a hammock
Spend the entire morning in bed
Unplug the phone and take a bubble bath
Visit a steam room
Walk barefoot in the park
Walk through an old graveyard during the morning hours. Bonus: Find out which gravestone is the oldest.
Watch the clouds drift by
Watch the Saturday morning cartoons
Wear your pajamas all day and play video games
Watch a movie online
Go on a road trip
Zen or Feng Shui your house
Clean up something that you have been avoiding for a long time - Dirty car - dirty house is more irritating than stressful but clean it and you will feel much better after you are done.
Take a vacation - a REALLY good vacation that is
Hang out by the water - lake, creek, river, or even a fountain
Get some wind Chimes
Set up some bird feeders

Good Habits for a Stress Free Life

Identify Stressful people and situations and then make a plan to make them go away for ever
Build your own sanctuary where only relaxed people are welcome
Realize that you can't be everything to everybody
Take 15 deep breaths
Avoid hanging out with negative people
Spend less than you make and you will help alleviate money stress
Set reasonable achievable goals
Talk less/ listen more
Cut down your time spent watching TV, reading bad news newspapers or reading about death and destruction in the world
Fill your mind with positive thoughts
Wear comfortable clothes
Get organized - the more organized you are the less stress you will have - Simplify Your Life - Throw out your junk
Do you have chores? Do them now and make room for some fun
Clear your mind with a great listener
Give yourself extra time to get to your appointments
No matter how bad your day is just remember, "This too shall pass"

Random Acts of Kindness

Bake something for your neighbors then take it to them and make them smile
Just say thank you every once in a while
Become an animal hospital volunteer
Borrow all the cats in the neighborhood for a catnip party
Help someone who is broken down on the side of the highway
Buy a hot meal for a homeless person
Take somebody for Ice Creamspontaneous fun things to do - random acts of kindness
Welcome new citizens to your country or community
Try to do one kind thing for other people every single day
Helps someone who is having hard times. Get your friends together to help you multiply your kindness results
Buy the coffee or meal of someone near you in a cafe. Watch the fun when they go to pay
Get good service from an employee - take the time and effort to let someone of importance in that company know what a good employee they have
Do some yard work for your neighbor without them asking
Dress up as a clown and entertain the kids at a children's hospital.
Give Hershey's Kisses to people
Make crank calls, but just give compliments
On a piece of paper write all the good things that have happened to you
Organize a community clean-up in your neighborhood
Pay for the food of the person behind you in the fast food lane
Pay the toll booth for someone behind you
Put coins in expired parking meters
Send a get-well package to someone who's ailing, be sure to include crayons and coloring book regardless of age
Send flowers or cards to someone for no special reason
Send some flowers anonymously to the grouchiest person you know
Smile at someone who never smiles at you
Sneak cookies into people's pockets
Spend a small amount of money and buy a universal fun gift, wrap it and then in the middle of the night give it to a convenience store employee who has to work spontaneous Fun Things to Do - Relax -Pain and Stress Reduction and Random Acts of Kindness
Spend ten minutes holding the door open for people
Stand at a bus stop and give the bus riders cookies and refreshments for helping save the environment. This can also be done for cyclists and pedestrians. If you get a bad batch of cookies, throw them at cars.
Take a grandparent out dancing
Take your old clothes to a shelter
Tell someone you don't know, when you really like their hair, clothes, or whatever
Throw a surprise birthday party for someone when it's not their birthday
Train Puppies as Seeing Eye dogs.
Volunteer at an elementary school class
Volunteer at Street Patrol to help homeless people
Volunteer to read stories at a daycare.
When you wash your car wash every other car within hose distance
Wink at a stranger

Help Somebody if their car has broken down

Do a drive by flowering

Greet new citizens or neighbors with love,generosity and understanding

Start every day with an act of kindness no matter how big or small

If an employee deserves to be noticed for a good job - take the extra effort to make sure their boss knows

Clean up some garbage in your neighborhood

Ask yourself - "Who in my life can use some extra kindness?" then go be kind to them

Spontaneous Fun Things to do Menu

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