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Fun Photo Projects Idea List
With the availability of digital cameras you can now and easily shoot hundreds of pictures in a day without spending a dime. Digital photography is a great way to entertain yourself and improve your photography skills quickly. Picking a Fun Photo Subject will keep you focussed.

Action Shots - Fun Photo Projects

Get people jumping, dancing or participating in a sport. Trampolines are great for getting numerous Fun Photos.

Spell with Fun Photos

Take pictures of shapes that represent letters (Pick a word to spell with your shapes). Try to make them artsy but still keep in mind the shape of the letter. You could get your frined to make letters with their body or you could just take pictures of items tha tlook letters. Put them all together in a collage to spell somebodies name

The Papparazzi

Be the paparazzi with a member of your family or a friend . Remember the paparazzi get punched a lot so either respect peoples privacy when they get upset or learn to run really really fast.

Beautiful Bodies

Take fun photos of beautiful males or females (whatever you are into). Always ask for permission when taking people photos and watch out you don't cross the "creepy" line with your passion.

photo fun while bored to death fun things to do

Candid shots (Just keep shooting till you get a good one)

Use a close up setting and take pictures just of super duper closeups

Discover your own backyard

Dress up

Friends making funny faces

Funny signs

Get out your camera and take pictures of anything that makes you smile.

Great body parts

Happy faces

Have your photo taken with as many strangers as you can possibly befriend in one night

Pets in funny hats, glasses or whatever

Pictures of the people you don't have pictures of


Silly poses

Sunrises and sunsets

Take a couch (Or any other inanimate object) and have strangers or your friends at all kinds of stores and landscapes

Tourist in your own town get as many pictures of you by the tourist attractions in your town



What to do with your Fun Photos

Make a small photo album to give to your friends or relatives

Load up some new Pictures onto Facebook or other online service

Look at the top photos for the last 7 days on Flickr

Make fridge magnets with your photos

Find some National Geographic Magazines for some inspiration

Load up your pictures on Zazzle and make Tshirts, mugs, postage stamps or cards.

Pick a few photos and make a calendar for your family and friends

Pick some of your favorite photos, get them enlarged, framed and then hang them on the wall

Scan photos of people and blow them up bigger.  Print them then invite those people over to watch you and help you throw darts at the pictures stuck on trees.

Shoot a whole roll of film in one day

Take some fun photos and email them to someone that lives far away

Turn all your loose photos into a photo album


  • Make a documentary video
  • Make a lip sync video
  • Make a news show about your family (be the reporter)
  • Make fake commercials
  • Make a day in the life video
  • Make a video about your life and send it your friend (Make sure they have the same format for playback - different countries use different formats but you can get usually get the format changed at a video place)
  • Do a fun activity and make a fun report about it


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