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101 First Date Ideas and Romantic Fun Ideas List

Fun Party Idea List | Fun Things to do Idea List Menu | Epic Romance Idea List

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101 Fun Things to do on a First Date or with Your Lover

Go to a Comedy Club, Improv Show or a Comedy Movie
Aboriginal Arts Display - Whether it is a gallery, market or trinket stop - go have a look.
Aquarium - - Go watch the fishees. If there are no aquariums - then have some fish and chips.
Art Museum or Art Gallery
Play Some Billiards
Get Your Caricature Done Somewhere
Go to Your Nearest Chinatown - If that isn't possible go to a Chinese restaurant.
Go to an Indoor Climbing Gym
Use "Fun Questions to Get To Know Someone" for the evening
Go Dancing - or at least take a lesson
Meet for a Drink in an Elegant Piano Bar
Dine at an out of the Way Café
Dine in a fancy restaurant
Go to a Restaurant that has Great Food and a Fun Atmosphere
Have a Fondue
Big Night Out - Have an appetizer, entrée, and dessert at 3 different restaurants.spontaneous fun things to do - adult romance ideas and romantic date ideas
Go Bowling
Go see a Romantic Movie
Go see some live music at a small venue
Have Brandy by a Fire
Take a Pottery Class or any other creative class
Go to a Spa/steam Room /Sauna/Hot tub
Play Spin the Bottle
Play Board Games by a Toasty Fire
Open a Bottle of Vintage Wine
Go to a Basketball Game
See a Magic Show

Fun First Date Ideas for Summer

All Terrain Vehicle Riding
Go to an Afternoon Baseball Game
Swimming - at a pool, lake or a river
Go to the Beach Frisbee, picnic, swim and Play in the Waves
Bike Around Your Local University Campus
Ride a Tandem Bike
Go Mountain Biking

Hiking/Walking - Try and find some nature but if you can't any hike will do.
Go Boating
Go to the Park and Play Frisbee
Have a Bonfire and Roast Marshmallows
Go to a Botanical Garden
Go Bungee Jumping Go for a Run
Canoe on a Lake
Play Tennis
Fill Your Tank - Drive until it is half gone and then turn around and come back.
Drive Back Country Roads with no Particular Destination
Go Dune Buggy Riding
Go to the Fair
Fishing - Whether it is deep sea, stream or fly - fish on!
Check out a Sunset or a Sunrise
Float Down a Slow River on a Tube
Get Some Ice Cream at the Park
Order Pizza at the Beach - This is really a home run in the fun department. You may have to make some special arrangements with the pizza place but money will help the negotiations.
Go People Watching at an Outdoor Café.
Go to a Football Game
Walk the Dog - or somebody’s dog
Mini Golf
Get Your Handwriting Analyzed
Go Heli Biking, Hiking or Skiing - Basically heli anything.
Horseback Riding
Go for a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride
Build a Sandcastle
Hot-air Balloon Ride
Go Rock Climbingspontaneous fun things to do on a date
Watch a Classic Movie Outdoors
Go to a Concert
Go see a Musical or a Play
Go Paddle Boating
Go to a Karaoke Bar
Ride a Roller Coaster
Go Roller Skating
Row a Boat
Go Sailing
Go Skydiving
Go for an Ice Cream or a Root Beer Float
Swim at the Bottom of a Waterfall
Baseball - catch
Play Tennis
Take a Train Ride
Do a Day Trip Somewhere
Feed the Ducks at the Park
Go to the Zoo
Scenic Picnic - Pick the most amazing scenic viewpoint in your area. Don’t forget the strawberries and chocolate.
Candlelight Picnic - This can be amazing. If you buy some of those tea light candles you make a big circle around you. Bring as many candles as you have. If there is a fire danger – make sure it is safe to burn candles.
Carpet Picnic- if the weather ruins your picnic plans have a carpet picnic.
Musical Picnic - Have a Picnic and hire a Violinist to Play for Dinner.
Rent a Ferrari - or whatever exotic car you can get your hands on.
Rock Star - Rent a limo and driver for a couple of hours.

Fun First Date Ideas for Winter

epic romance - 101 fun date ideas

Go to a Skating Rink
Ice Skate on a Lake
Make Snow Angels
Go Snow Blading
Go for a Sleigh Ride
Go Tobogganing
Have a Snowball Fight
Go Snowboarding
Go see a Hockey Game
Go Snowmobiling
Go Snowshoeing
Christmas Light Tour

101 First Date Ideas and Fun Things To do With Your Lover

Fun Party Idea List | Fun Things to do Idea List Menu | Epic Romance Idea List

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