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Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea Lists

Fun Things to Do Home Fun Actvities Idea List

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Build a tree house
"Borrow" an ugly ornament from your neighbor's yard - see how long it takes them to notice
Build a home for you gerbil or small pet
Dress up on a Saturday and go to Open Houses and act like you have the money to buy the place. Fabulous for decorating ideas too. Bonus points in a wealthy neighborhood
Get all the grandchildren to perform a skit at a family gathering
Get some pink flamingos for your lawn
Have a back yard talent show
Host a yard sale
Build an obstacle course in the front yard
Make a list of all the fun craft ideas and images to do at home, then round up all your supplies and get crafty for some family fun crafts
Make a slip and slide in your back yard
Make an entertaining phone answering-machine message
Stop phone solicitors from calling you by acting like a total wingnut when they call
Paint your hardwood floors like a gym floor
Plant some tulips or any kind of plants
Put a pond in your yard - with fish
Put a rock-climbing wall in your house
Put a water slide out your bed room window
Put strings of lights on your houseplants.
Set up the tent in the backyard like it is a campground in the wilderness
Sing in the shower with all your might
Design a fitness program or workout routine
Tie ribbons to anything that doesn't move.
Use window markers and draw rainbows on your windows.
Wash the Dog
Play wacky golf - use strange clubs like a shovel or a baseball bat and strange golf balls too
Make a mini golf game in the backyard
Play hide and seek
Have a Backyard Vacation
Mess with the family pet - put a dress on them or a fancy hat and take a picture with your camera phone

Spontaneous Inside Fun and Rainy Day Activities

Compile a list of Fun Road Trip Games to have ready for your next road trip
Board games by a toasty fire
Get an astrology book and read out loud horoscopes for each family members zodiac sign
Get a gazpacho recipe or some other kind of strange dish and make it. More food and drink ideas
Build a mini weather station at home
Build a time capsule
Ask your friends or family some fun questions - like when you were the most scared or what your dream in life is
Start planning your Halloween costume
Load up some new music on your ipod
take a corner of the house that is not being used and build a fun corner
Make a happiness shrine
Look at old photo books
Research your family tree
Make some Music cd's for a friend
Write a postcard to someone even if they are in the same city
Every night before you go to bed sit as a family and each person tell one ting that made their day today
Sign up for some language lessons
Watch a movie trailer or a movie online
Change your Myspace page
Make your own comic book

More Spontaneous Inside Fun and Rainy Day Activities

Get your digital camera and take pictures of crazy items in your house.
Buy a tabloid and read it aloud to whoever is in the room with you
Play nerf football or basketball
Set up a beauty salon day at your house and have your friends bring one beauty tip or you can all change your hair color
Crank up the music and dance in your pajamas
Do crossword puzzles or a soduko puzzle
Have a video game competition
If you have a webcam send a video to Grandma or put it it up on Youtube
Either take lessons or hire a belly dancer for your next party
Get a blanket or sheet, and go somewhere you probably won't hurt yourself if you fall. Then have your friend hold one end of the sheet and start spinning so the blanket twists around you, then get your friend to pull his end of the blanket really hard and you should spin around till u run out of sheet.
Go to disco night at your local bowling alley
Pick winners off of American Idol and then bet household chores with each other to see who is right
Have a carpet picnic
Have a dinner that is focused around laughter
Have a limbo contest
Invent a new dance
Pick a fun party idea then start planning the party - what will the party invitations look like? What will you have for party appetizers
Play Nintendo Wii or Xbox live
Have a scary movie marathonspontnaeous family fun and rainy day fun activities
Listen to classical music, lights off, lying on the floor, and take turns saying what it sounds like
Jigsaw puzzle
Nothing beats a Bollywood movie
Play foosball
Play video games
Start a pillow fight
Tell scary stories to each other
Washable crayons are a wonderful invention. Pick a wall and invite friends


Fun Things to Do Home Fun Actvities Idea List

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