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Fun Things to Do With Friends Actvities Idea List

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Kidnap some friends/family and take them out for a good time

Laser tag

Make friends with a cop

Play word games in drinking establishments. See how many people you can get involved

Share a book by reading out loud to one another

Sneak your friends into a drive-in movie

Start a secret language with your friends

Start a secret group with your friends

Ask your friend some Fun Questions

Road trip! Make a list of fun roadtrip games before you go. Make it ineteresting and rent a convertible

Take one hundred dollars each out of the bank and spend on each other

Taking digital pictures of your friends and adding funny captions to them

Talk among friends about your favorite childhood injuries

Buy a kiddy pool for your backyard and invite everyone over for a pool party

Write a story with a friend, doing a chapter each, see how it turns out after a certain amount of time

Get your friend's camera and take lots of pictures of people they don't know (Include a moon shot or two)

Start a Book Club

Go to a concert

Go to a Super Fancy Restaurant

Talk about your goals and or dreams in life

Talk about your regrets in life

Have a deep conversation about a controversial topic

Do something kind for someone

Get all your friends to get a similar tattoo that is a symbol of your friendship

Fun Things to do With Friends - Dudes

Have an armpit fart contest

Bring some friends and some life jackets - go out in two canoes on a lake and try to sink each other's canoe

Cigar Party or some other kind of party

Go to a baseball, football or basketball game

Have a "Dinner with the Dudes" - it's just the guys and ask some questions or just talk about women from your past

Go to Vegas

Go on a beer tasting pub crawl on bicycles

Have a game of softball, basketball, football or some other sporty adventure


Bar-b-q some man sized steaks

Plan a yearly get together/adventure or ski vacation

Go see a movie with lots of guns, car chases and ass kicking

Drink your favorite beverage and play billiards

Get together once a month and go to a different bar each time


Go watch some of those "adult dancers"

Scheme a prank to play on one of your "friends" Its always fun to play pranks on friends

Have an Olympics outside with your friends and see who wins.

Have a beer and pizza night

Go target shooting

Play hooky from work

Replace the meat in your friend's sandwich with cardboard

Stay up all night playing risk

When your friends go to sleep put mystery things on them.

Rent an outrageous car for the day - like a Ferrari

Go to a Monster Truck event

Take your car to a race track where you can drive as fast as your car will go.

Beer Keg Races

Throw your cash in for a helicopter ride

Go Cliff Jumping

Fun Things to do With Girl Friends

Carry a wild handbag (wild colors, prints, fabrics, or shape)

Get a group of fun-loving adventurous girlfriends together and get your body pierced

Go to the Beauty salon and get some beauty tips and a makeover. Check out some new hair products or consider a celebrity hairstyle

Get together and cheer up a friend that has just been dumped

Plan a yearly get together

Go pretend shopping for some exotic diamond jewelry

Plan a surprise party for someone

Get someone to paint your toenails

Have a chick flick sleepover party or just go see a chick flick at the theater

Have a scavenger hunt downtown (in bars, malls, buildings, restaurants, movie theaters)

Put on some music and lip sync

Go to Vegas - Girls Gone Wild

Save up money and go with a friend on an all out pamper day

Experiment with makeup - Try fake eyelashes and/or fake nails

Go to the swimwear store and get a new one piece bathing suit or an outrageous bikini

Have a crafts day

Set up a wine tasting

Have a tupperware party, lingerie party, sex toy party or some kind of crazy party. figure out your party idea, party appetizers and make a really cool party invitation

Wear a wig in the most unpredictable circumstance

Wear loud hats

Go to the bar in your best outfits - oh and you might as well chip in for a limo

Go help a friend who can't go have fun because they have to many chores to do

Talk about men

Have a "lunch with the ladies" and talk about men some more

If one of your friends want to lose some weight why not offer to be their fitness partner for a workout routine and a diet plan

Talk about your high school prom

Check out what your friends zodiac sign is and look up their horoscope online

Make a funny video and post on Youtube and then tell all your friends

Twitter all your friends to meet at a location in the next 15 minutes

Start a dragon boat team

Go to a comedy club

Take belly dancing lessons

Hire a portrait photographer and get some fun pictures of the girls

Or take some naughty photos for your boyfriends

Fun Things to do With Friends - Getting Reconnected

Make an audio tape letter and send to a friend

Have you been a bad friend? Why not take the steps to make amends with that friend?

Use humor to cheer up a sick friend

Text message a friend

Chat online

Visit someone you haven't seen in a long time

Write a long letter to an old friend

Write a short letter to a new friend

Write five postcards to friends even if you are not on vacation

Look up old friends on Facebook or Myspace and see if you can connect

Take a picture with your camera phone and send it to a friend right now

Fun Things to do With Friends - Making New Friends

Join a charity - There are always great people working with charities

Join a association - networking for business, or a social group

Join a recreational sports league

Take a community cooking or fitness class

Take some night classes

If you meet someone interesting make the first effort and have them over for dinner or take them out for a coffee

Fun Things to Do With Friends Actvities Idea List

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