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Fun Things to Do List
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Fun Things to Do with Food & Drink
500 Fun Things to do Menu
  • Bake a cake, and eat the whole thing
  • Bake something for your neighbors
  • Buy your favorite ice cream and some plastic spoons and it at the park.
  • Change sandwich meat with a friend at lunchtime
  • Chuck random amounts of ingredients like sugar and eggs, into a bowl, mix it all up, cook it, then see what it tastes like you never know it could be really nice!
    Use garnishes when cooking
  • Cook something you have never cooked before
  • Cut potatoes into stencils and blot out designs with ink
  • Cut the crusts off of your sandwiches.
  • Decorate a cake with "Happy Tuesday" ( or any other day of the week on it!)
  • Decorate an outrageous cake
  • Decorate your food then eat it, eg. a smiley face sandwich made from chocolate spread, silver balls, sprinkles, etc.
  • Eat a fruit you have never tried before
  • Eat a huge piece of watermelon then have a watermelon spitting contest
  • Eat exotic foods
  • Enter a grape stomping contest
  • Get a large group of people and throw tomatoes at a target( people it always fun)
  • Go bowling in the grocery store with pineapples as bowling pins and cantaloupe for bowling balls.
  • Go for drinks at one place, appetizers in another, main course at another, dessert, than drinks again (of course)
  • Go to "The Chocolate Buffet"
  • Go to a pinball arcade and eat hot dogs
  • Go to the grocery store and buy one of every fruit
  • Have a cabbage kicking contest
  • Have a picnic with checkered tablecloth and fine wine and yummy cheese
  • Have dinner with the old people you know
  • Leave an outrageous tip for your food server
  • Leave copious amounts of jujubes with your tip at an upscale dining establishment
  • Make a sandwich with everything in your fridge
  • Make Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Make food sculptures.
  • Make French toast two inches thick
  • Make gingerbread men and decorate them so they look dangerous
  • Make home made ice cream
  • Make margaritas and hang out on the deck
  • Make pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.
  • Make traditional food the wrong color like Shepard's pie with blue mashed potatoes.
  • Make beer or wine
  • Make your absolute favorite dish for dinner tonight
  • Make your own banana split
  • Make yourself a 'smore', microwave and eat it.
  • Name all your food creations with the terms "World Famous" and add your name too.
  • Open a package of chocolate chip s and eat them
  • Put your fork aside and eat with your fingers especially if it is spaghetti
  • Raid your kids' dress up clothes box and "dress up" for amazing how much better food tastes when you're a princess or a wizard.
  • Slurp your spaghetti really loud when you eat it
  • Start a food fight
  • Throw popcorn at a theatre
  • Use a straw to drink everything - extra points for silly straws.
  • With your hands behind your back eat jello out of a bowl.


Traditional Picnic

Candlelight Picnic
This can be amazing. If you buy some of those tea light candles you make a big circle around you. Bring as many candles as you have. If there is a fire danger – make sure it is safe to burn candles.

Carpet Picnic
If the weather ruins your picnic plans have a carpet picnic.

A picnic with a plethora of Pork Products. Make it a potluck if you please.

All Chicken dishes. Great for a potluck as well. Not nearly as fun as a Porknic.


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