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Fun Things to Do List
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Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea Lists

Fun Stuff to Do Creative Projects Ideas List

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Collage your car into like the coolest most outrageous thing on the road

Craft your Halloween Costume

Family fun Crafts - make Halloween, Christmas or July the 4th Decorations

Cut up a magazine and make a collage

Design your own tattoo

Do a crayon drawing and put in on your fridge (Especially if you are a parent or grandparent)

Do some woodwork - you know carve, build or hammer

Draw an entire story with stick-people

Draw pictures of yourself as a barbarian.

Find a creative place for a collage. Use things that mean something to you.

Find an somebody to write songs with

Get a plain shirt for target and decorate it with ribbons and rhinestones etc.

Create some home remedies

Take a Language Lesson

Build a float for a parade

Experiment with makeup

Have your own American Idol Contest

Design a bathing suit, coat or any piece of clothing

Sew together some dresses with a sewing machine and a pattern

Build a model car, railroad or rocket.

Build a model rocket

Get some glitter glue

More Creative Fun Things to Do

Get your handwriting analyzed

Have a business card made with your name number and a fake vocation: Like astronaut, race car driver, etc.

Join a pottery class

Keep a journal of the fun things you do from this list

Keep a sketchbook

Learn to knit

Plan the best Mother's Day ever

Create a really fun workout routine

Learn to play an exotic instrument like the Didgeridoo

Learn to play the bongos or drums

Make a flag for your bike/car

Make a sculpture

Make a trophy or certificate to represent a great feat that you have or have not done

Make a list of creative Christmas Ideas

Create some tattoo designs

Make a list of creative romantic ideas for your favorite person or a list of creative ideas for Valentine's gifts

Exlpore the dark side and make some Vampire Art

Make hand puppets

Make paper chains or other easy crafts for kids

Make soap

Make some candles

Make your own clothing line

Paint a canvas - either by yourself or with a group of friends

Paint the palms of your hands and the soles of your feet and make a pictureor decorate a wall

Paper Mache

Pick fresh roses and hang upside down to dry then create a design

Play a harmonica

Make some stianed glass artwork

Press flowers between wax paper and place in book to dry

Refinish an antique

Last Minute Craft Ideas

Sketch or draw a landscape

Start a diary full of dreams

Start quilting

Take an improvisation or acting class

Take pencil crayons and color a picture that you have drawn

Take up calligraphy

Work on an impression of your favorite actor.

Write a movie script or book

Write some Poetry

Get a digital camera - Pick a theme and start shooting

Write songs and go outside and sing them so everyone can hear

Create greeting/christmas/birthday cards on the computer

Plan out a garden

Make up a creative Prank to get a friend

Create a music Video

Create an outrageous dinner

Make some Jewelry

Cut out letters from a magazine and organize them int o a letter for a friend

Make something on the computer - a video, song, website or anything else you have the ability to create

Then post on youtube, facebook, twitter or wherever you can post it.

Spontaneous Fun Things to Do

Sometimes our creativity gets stuck. The following suggestions either encourage you to admire other people's creativty or to reconnect with your own. So look for inspiration and while you are at it, be playful and spontaneous - it is sure to help. Here are some spontaneous fun things to do.

Study the biography of a creative master

Think outside the box

Take some time to meditate or just sit and be quiet and see what thoughts cross your mind

Be Playful - hang out with a bunch of energetic little kids

Go the mall just to admire creativity

Free Associate your words or ideas

Be Silly for no Reason

Drive or walk home a totally different way every day for a week

Go to the movies - tell the clerk to pick the movie for you

Cook something without a specific recipe

go on vacation with no plans, no itinerary and no reservations

Fill your tank with gas - drive till it's half gone and come back

Go for a car ride and ask people what direction you should travel and see where it takes you

Go to the Library cookbook section and randomly pick out a book and set out to make recipe number 33 no matter what it is. (Okay if it's something repulsive pick #35)

Go to the Yellow Pages and pick the seventh restaurant - eat the seventh entree and order the seventh dessert

Kiss someone you really like who doesn't know it yet

Let your waiter order for you at the restaurant

Randomly choose a hairstylist from your yellow pages, go to them and give them COMPLETE freedom to do whatever they want to you.

Send anonymous secret admirer notes to someone

Surprise a friend that you haven't seen in along time

Take a bus to a small town just to spend a few hours exploring

Wake up in the morning take a picnic lunch get in your car and see where the day takes you

Write in your journal and just write down whatever comes out of your head

Fun Stuff to Do Creative Projects Ideas List

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