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Fun Things to Do List
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Spontaneous Fun Things to Do Idea Lists

Fun Kids Activities Ideas List

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Be the first to jump in the freezing cold swimming pool

Blow bubbles on a child's belly

Buy some comic books

Buy some crazy socks

Chase the ice cream truck

Design and build a time machine with friends. The wackier the better.

Do some crayon art

Do some hula-hooping

Draw with chalk on the road

Dress up and have a play

Experiment with makeup

Finger painting

Gentle put a ladybug on your hand and recite "Fly away, fly away.....

Get a Slinky and play with it

Get some chalk and play hop-scotch

Get yourself the coolest lunch box money can buy

Give balloons to people

Go buy a whack of firecrackers

Go fly a kite

Go to the park and play with the kids

Have a party

Have a water balloon fight

Have a water fight with the garden hose

Hold a baby chicken and gently place against your cheek to feel the fuzz

Iddy Biddy Indy (buy some remote-control cars, set up a track, call your friends and have your own darn I ndy Race)

Learn some magic tricks

Look for shapes in the clouds

Make a bridge across a stream or river. Be creative.

Make a tent over your bed with sheets and pegs and whenever you feel cold go inside and get cozy.

Paint the front door with purple polka-dots

Paint your car with stripes or polka dots (just make sure you use paint that will wash off)

Partake in some yo-yoing

Play Barbie's

Play cops and robbers

Play hide-and-go-seek

Play kick the can

Play Tag

Play with some children's toys


Put a bell on your bicycle

Put on some big rubber boots and go puddle-jumping

Racing mini motorized boats or planes

Read a children's story

Ride a Pogo stick

Ride a tricycle as if you were 4 years old again

Ride the kiddy rides, especially the ones in the mall

Roll down a hill

Run a model train

Set up a treasure hunt

Spin until you're dizzy

Stand on your head

Take off your shoes and splash your feet in a fountain

Wade for minnows

Wear your hair in pigtails.

Write down wishes in a book and call it "my wish list" check periodically to see how many come true.

Fun Kids Activities Ideas List

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