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Not Recommended for When You are Bored to Death 2

We do not, under any circumstances recommend any of the following
from the list of Fun Things to Do Ideas...even if you are a trained professional on a closed course

Not Recommended Part 1 | Fun Things to do Menu | Fun Things to do With Friends

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These suggestions are in no way recommended....

Make up your own Jackass stunts

Repel on ropes down a building or apartment complex

Play with fireworks like you're not supposed to. Hold the rockets and shoot them at each other. Wear safety gear if you fear the imminent injury. It's best to play this game, at night, in an empty parking garage, away from combustibles Jump off the roof with an umbrella or homemade parachute

Play with matches Stupid thigns to do when bored - fun things to do - fun activities

Put a blanket in a laundry basket and slide down the stairs. I f you don't have stairs, go to a library or someplace where there are stairs.

Ride a skateboard while attached to the back of someone's car with a rope. Drive slow and wear a helmet

Run down the steepest hill you can find, without tripping over you own legs, and see if you can stop at the bottom.

Shopping Cart Races

Sleep on the edge of the highest thing you can find

Sneak around on a neighbor's property and try not to be seen

Go bushwhacking while blindfolded through the forest with a pal. Make sure you don't bushwhack your pal

fun things to do when bored - fun police - bored to death 2Stand on a corner and try to hitchhike home

Take a baseball bat to your alarm clock

Take a nap in a stranger's hammock

Canoeing downhill (must be attempted on snow before attempting on dirt, and even then dirt is not really recommended)

Complete a fire walk

Quit your job because it sucks

Rock skiing (that's downhill skiing without snow)

Inline skating down a giant hill

Buy some whip cream and some cherries. Then take your parents alcohol collection and get busy.

Experience life as a redhead. or at least experience life WITH a redhead sometime!

Find a natural hot springs and go for a skinny dip

Flirt with people

Go streaking yelling I love my skin

Go to a cougar bar

Go to a multiplex cinema and see how many movies you can go to on one ticket before you get kicked out

Have a pajama party and play truth or dare, dare someone to run around your house purely naked. Make sure to take a picture with your camera phone or digital camera then put it on Facebook!

Have a hot tub tour(seek out and visit as many hot tubs in your area as you can) spontaneous fun things to do - when severley bored - nice ass

Make a humorous crank phone call

Moon or flash someone

Pie someone

Play spin the bottle

Put condoms in other peoples' carts and follow them to the checkout and watch their expressions when they discover what was in their cart

Read a dirty book

Rearrange the letters on the marquee outside an elementary school so they spell we eat children!

Rent a car for a day, pay buy cash only and have fun with it.

Run through the forest with only your boots on and someone exciting

Run down your street in your underwear in the middle of the night

Secretly rip out the last page of a book your friend is reading, but leave a note indicating where they can find it. 

See how many people you can hug or kiss while you are out

Sneakily get the eggs from someone's refrigerator and hard-boil them all. Then put them back where you found them. More Great Prank ideas here...

Stick your tongue out at someone fun things to do when bored - schredd RCMP  - bored to death

Sunbathe in the nude

Take toilet paper from the pub bathroom and go crazy

Try to get a cop to handcuff you for no reason

Write "sexual favors" in the memo space on your checks

Write to your high school French teacher and reveal the crush that you once had on them. Remind them that you are now legal

Just because you are paranoid,
it doesn't mean they're not after you.

Kurt Cobain

We do not, under any circumstances recommend any of the following
...even if you are a trained professional on a closed course

Not Recommended Part 1 | Fun Things to do Menu | Fun Things to do With Friends

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