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Sleepover Pranks and Great April Fools Day Jokes

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Sleepover Pranks - My Butt is Itchy

Get some chocolate pudding and put it into a ziplock bag. Hide the ziplock in your sleeping bag or bed. When the time is right start complaining about how itchy your butt is. Keep complaining but make sure you do it in a subtle manner. Stick your fingers in the pudding and then scratch your face and get pudding on it. Smell your hand and say “Gross”, then start licking the pudding off of your fingers.

Sleepover Pranks - Lumpy Milk Prank

Put some mini marshmallows into someone’s milk when they aren’t looking. Best for non see through containers.

Sleepover Pranks - The Jumping Spider

All you need is a rubber spider and some fishing line. Tie the fishing line around the snake and then hold onto the other end of the line . When People are sleeping or its dark drag the spider across everybodies sleeping bag. Should be good for a scream or two.This is a totally easy prank to pull off.

Sleepover Pranks - The Famous Medicine Cabinet Trick

I saw a statistic somewhere that about thirty percent of the population snoops through medicine cabinets. When you have a party, put a “Please Do Not Touch” sign on the medicine cabinet (This just makes them want to look for sure).

Rig up a small box full of marbles. Cut one side of the box so that you are able to close the cabinet but when the cabinet is opened the marbles all start rolling out of the box onto the counter top when the cabinet is opened - It makes a heck of a racket. Also works with golfballs.

Just use a piece of cardboard. Hold it up to the open medicine cabinet and fill with golfballs. close the cabinet and then slip the cardboard out and finish closing the cabinet. This one is easy and works every time.

Sleepover Pranks - This Soda Tastes Like Water

Take a can of soda and make a small hole in the bottom and let the contents drain out. Do not open the top. Then fill the can up with water (You can hold the can underwater and eventually it will fill up). Holding the can upside down, dry off the outside. Then after it has dried up on the outside put a spot of wood glue or another form of filler that will hold the water in. Once it has set up, cover the glue with a piece of tape. Test it to see if it leaks before you give it to your target.

Sleepover Pranks - Why are There Voices in My Bed

?Take a mini-tape recorder and record the words "They're coming for you." Turn volume setting to whisper and press play as your friend sleeps. Hide some where inconspicuous. Leave a few minutes of blank tape so that they almost fall asleep. If you have an IPOD with an FM transmitter you can set up their radio and play messages back from the IPOD.

Sleepover Pranks - Whoopee Cushion Trick

Hide a couple of Whoopee cushions in the couch. When everybody goes to sit down there will be a good laugh or two.

Sleepover Pranks - Surprise Cookie Filling

Scrape off the filling of a few Oreo cookies. Then fill them with white toothpaste. Leave the cookies out where somebody can find them.

Sleepover Pranks - Break My Neck

Take a plastic bottle or a plastic cup and stick under your arm. Complain to your target that your chiropractor really screwed up your neck. Reach your hand over your head and twist our neck at the same time you squish the plastic bottle or cup. Amazing Results!

More Sleepover Pranks

Sleepover Pranks - Snot Trick

Take a little sauerkraut and stuff the end of it up your nose so it hangs down over your mouth. Put your hands over your nose and mouth and fake a sneeze in front of someone. Then pull your hands down and if you can stand it, start eating the sauerkraut.Before you start say something like, Mama always taught me not to waste food”. You can also use a raw oyster in your hand with a fake sneeze.

Sleepover Pranks - Soap Trick

Paint a soap bar, or all the soap bars in your house with colorless nail polish (reserving one for yourself). No matter how much they try to use the soap it will not give off any suds.

Sleepover Pranks - Drinking Rotten Milk

Put food color in milk to make it look like it has gone bad and then bet somebody that you will drink it…adding marshmallows will work too.

Sleepover Pranks - I Poked My Eye

Wet a tissue with milk and run around holding the tissue to your eye pretending you stuck your pen in your eye, when somebody comes close, squeeze the tissue to make the Milk spurt out all over the place.

Sleepover Pranks - Did You Ever Wonder Why?

When somebody is trying to fall asleep start asking them the did you ever wonder why kind of questions.

Sleepover Pranks - Switch the Children in The Bed

For kids when the kids fall asleep. Without waking the kids change the beds they are sleeping in.

Sleepover Pranks - Nasty Sleep Prank

Put a coat hanger or two in between the sheet and the mattress on target's bed.

Sleepover Pranks - Does This Hurt

Fill a very large glass full of water, tell a friend to place their hands on a table (palms down), put the glass on top of one hand and ask if it hurts, when they say "no" tell them to put one hand on top of the other, place the glass on top of both hands, and ask, "Does it hurt now?" then walk away.

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