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Party Pranks and Great April Fools Day Jokes

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Party Prank - Throw the Cell Phone Trick

If you have an old cell phone pretend that you are having a heated conversation with someone who has somehow wronged you. Escalate the anger, the yelling and at its peak, throw the cell phone as far as you can and yell something like, “Go take a flying leap". Then announce you were kidding.

Party Prank - Smash The Camera

If you ever get an old still photo camera or a video camera that doesn't work, keep it and use for a really great prank. Make a big deal of taking a group photo at a function. Have everybody lined up(Make sure you adjust the people at least a couple of times - to get the picture just right) then start to let the cat out of the bag.

Notice that something is wrong with the camera. Pretend to be flustered and appear angry. Start to lightly tap the camera on a hard surface. When that doesn't work become more aggressive smashing the camera and becoming more agitated. If you need to, pull out a hammer and keep going.

Party Prank - The Underwater Camera

Instead of the smashing tell them that you think the camera is water proof. Tell them your friend told you or something. After you take it underwater express your disappointment that it doesn't appear to be working anymore.

Party Prank - Egg in The Guiness

This only works with Guinness beer. When your friend isn't looking crack an egg into the Guinness. When they take their last gulp they get a slimy lump and have no idea what it is.

Party Prank - Break My Neck

Take a plastic bottle or a plastic cup and stick under your arm. Complain to your target that your chiropractor really screwed up your neck. Reach your hand over your head and twist our neck at the same time you squish the plastic bottle or cup. Amazing Results!

Also works well if you have an accomplice. Tell people that you know how to make neck adjustments. Do the first one on the accomplice. For the unsuspecting victim have them sit down in a chair. Just as you are twisting get your accomplice to squish the plastic right behind their head.

Party Prank - Open a Beer Bottle With Your Eye

Take a bottled beer that has a twist off cap. Open it. Lightly place the cap back on. Stick the top of the beer bottle snug into your eye. Then make a Fissssh sound as you twist it. The cap will pop off and people will be amazed. Make sure to shake the bottle when you twist and it looks like it has been just opened. If you try this with out opening the beer first you will gouge your eye out and look like a loser.

Party Prank - Walk into the Wall

This one takes a little practice but it works well. While walking along have your hand up in front of your face. Walk into the corner of a wall and smack your hand into it at the same time - then crumple to the floor. Practice this a few times before you take it out into the real world. Notify people immediately that you are OK - because they will freak out....

Party Prank - The Ultimate Combo Trick

You will need at least three people to pull this trick off. First you start with one person opening the beer with their eye. Then in response have somebody jerk their neck back in surprise and squish one of those plastic cups under your arm. Then the third person is so shocked they walk into the wall. Many people will have their brains short circuit on the spot.

Party Pranks and Practical Jokes

Party Prank - I Can’t Control my Pee

Wait till someone enters a multi-stall bathroom. Have your water gun pre-filled with warm water. When your target is comfortably seated, yell, "WOW, down boy!" and squirt a few streams into the occupied stall. Depending on who is in the stall will determine your exit speed.

Party Prank - Chase the Glow Stick

You will need a fishing rod, one of those glow sticks, a large public event that is held at night. Cast out the glow stick and try to reel them in!

Party Prank - Glue Some Money to the Ground

Yes you probably have heard of this Old April Fools Prank Idea but it still works. Glue a quarter to the ground and see if people pick it up. Especially good in a place where you can sit comfortably and watch. Anther option is to put a $20 bill under a tire and see if people can get at it.

Party Prank - Put Water in a Vodka Bottle

Ever get challenged to a drinking contest? Make sure you have two small liquor bottles, one with vodka and one without. Drink from the water one and pour vodka for the challenger. Or just carry a Vodka bottle filled with water on your next social based physical activity. Tell people it is the extra edge that help keeps you going. Good for office meetings as well.

Party Prank - My Friend is Nuts

This also works well in a social setting like a bar. Leave your friend and approach some people. Warn them that your friend isn't playing with a full deck. The best thing to do is nod and smile when he/she comes to talk to you. Then wave your friend over and watch the fun. For some reason strangers will believe you.

Party Prank - The Old Medicine Cabinet Prank

I saw a stat somewhere that about thirty percent of the population snoops through medicine cabinets. This is what you do for this classic prank:

When you have a party put a do not touch sign on the medicine cabinet. Rig up a small box full of marbles. Cut one side of the box so that you are able to close the cabinet but when the cabinet is opened the marbles all start rolling out of the box when the cabinet is opened.


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