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Funny Office Pranks - Great April Fools Day Jokes

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Our Favorite Prank for the Office - Loud Radio Blast

You will need a small portable radio and a target that uses a powerbar with their computer. Get a portable radio and plug it into the Powerbar. Take the radio somehwere where it can't be seen.

Turn off the powerbar then turn the radio volume to really loud. When they can't figure out why their computer has no power - they will turn on the power bar and get a big surprise.

Bonus points for using two portable radios. Even more bonus points if there are multiple power bars that your target uses.

Funny Pranks for the Office - Crazy Texts

This one is easy fun and harmless. Whenever your target leaves their cell phone unattended - send a text mesage to someone off their contact list that you both know. Type a text saying how much your target admires you and thinks you are the mose awesome perosn on the planet. Best not to write negative comments - just crazy compliments.

Funny Pranks for the Office - Beat Up Crappy Version

This practical joke is good to play on people that complain about their worktools becasue they feel are inadequate.

For this Office Prank - Take something from your targets workstation and replace it with a really worn out version of it. Added points if you can get the boss at your office to endorse the activity. Whether it be a chair, delivery truck, computer - whatever necessary.

Funny Pranks for the Office - Please Use the Other Door

If you have an office with multple exits and entrances this is good for you. Put up signs that say, "Please use other door" Make sure to put signs up on all of your entrances or exits. This one works really well if most of the staff have to go through a back entrance and then end up walking all the way around the building because of the no entry sign.

Funny Pranks for the Office - I Hate Those Guys

This is a good prank for a whiny coworker. They don't even have to be whiny they just need some emotion targeted toward dislike of something. Whatever your target hates (Like a certain Sports Team or a Politician) - post their entire office with posters or promo stuff celebrating that hated thing.

funny office pranks - april fools jokes business suit

Funny Pranks for the Office - Dripping Cup

Take your paper cups at the water fountain and poke some small holes in the cups. The next person that gets a drink of water will have some suprise moisture issues.

Funny Pranks for the Office - Bonus Photocopies

Photocopy some racy or just blain bizarre photos. Then reload those photocopies back into the paper loader for the photocopier so the naughty images will be on the back of the next photocopies coming out of that machine.

Office Pranks - None of My Pens or Pencils Work!

Is there somebody who is obsessive about their writing devices? Glue the caps to the pens on your targets desk or you can paint nail polish on the tips.

Its best to do half and half. Half glued lids and half nail polish on the tips sort of a "Buffet of Frustration" for your target. Make sure you ahve some working pens to replace them after the prank

Funny Pranks for the Cell Phone- Change The Language

Get your targets cell phone - go into setting and change their phone to a different language. That should keep them busy for a while.

Funny Pranks for the Office - Donuts for Everyone

Get a box of donuts and leave them in the lunch room. Oh ya, make sure you buy the donuts a week or two before you place them there.

Funny Pranks for the Office - The Missing Screw

Do you work at a place that fixes things? If someone has taken something apart-for repair or is putting some together - drop in an extra screw or two into the mix. This has to be one of the easiest April Fools pranks out there.

Funny Pranks for the Office - The Extra Washer Prank

Take a small washer and nut and place it on top of a door hinge in a high traffic area in your workplace. funny office pranks - april fools jokes  - musical chairsSee if your target can figure it out when the hardware drops by their feet.

Funny Pranks for the Office - Musical Chairs

Take the bosses chair and trade it with the least desirable chair in the place. Give the bosses chair to somebody else and tell them it is their new chair. Then have the boss come out angry looking for who stole their chair.

Computer Pranks - Autospell on Microsoft

Go to Microsoft word/ go to tools/ go to auto correct/ go to replace with/ change some popular words to “you smell” or the bosses name with "the funny guy".

Computer Prank - What is Wrong With my Computer?

This will take a few minutes to set up so when your target has left their desk,ot they have gone home for the day..make a screen capture (print screen) of the person's desktop (preferably with a program open).

Go into Windows Paint program and paste. Save as a bmp. Load the picture as the person's background. Then move the desktop icons off to the side..The mouse moves, but there's nothing to click on if you hide the icons!)

Tell them the truth before they call tech support.

Computer Prank - Making Crazy Appointments

This is more of an ongoing prank. If your target leaves their desk while they are still logged in to their computer, go into their appointment calendar and type up some interesting appointments in their calendar. Make up appointments that are not to weird - could even be plasusible.

Computer Prank - Your Emails are Whacked

You will need your target to be away form their desk and logged in. Start typing some emails that have weird content or make absolutely no sense at all. My web designer would leave his desk and his wife would step in and write some extremely confusing emails to me.

Computer Prank - Switch the Keys

Simply pop out the 'm' and 'n' key on someone's keyboard and reverse the two. Any flat tool will work. Just pry it with little pressure and they will easily come right off. Then just sit back and watch the confusion.

More Office Pranks and April Fools Jokes

Funny Office Pranks - Twack the Target

Shoot rubber bands or use a pea shooter to hit people in the back and then look away quickly.

Pranks Office - An Old Telephone Tale

This is an old one and if you can pull it off - good on may be able to come up with another ridiculous action for the target of this Office Prank. Send out an email to all the staff that says the phone company is having some troubles and that they will be testing the lines. The phone company said to keep your feet off of the floor when talking on the phone to avoid electric shock.

Pranks Office - The Office Letterhead Gag

This one works well when your target has been fooling around at work. Use company letterhead describing all the actions in detail and that the security cameras captured it all on Video. Do not threaten any action - Just tell them that management knows about it and would like to make an appointment to discuss.

Pranks Office New Policy Changes

This trick is easy to pull off if your company loves policies or rules. This prank works best if you are the leader of the company or a department. Try to pick categories that are currently causing problems. Like costs, sales, delivery issues or any other department of your company that is currently stressed. Then make some kind of ridiculous rule change in relationship with this stress. The more ridiculous the better.

Example 1
Employees will now receive 29.5 minutes for lunch instead of the regular 30. This cost saving measure will allow the company to save enough money to get new pens for all the staff next year. Please note that this new policy will be monitored with the new video surveillance that has been installed in the lunch room.

Example 2
Due to the high number of personal calls being made at work we are now setting up visiting hours for you and your friends because we feel it will be more cost effective than monitoring the number of personal calls that staff make.

Example 3
Since their have been so many accusations of sexual harassment it is now our policy not to make eye contact while at work. Employees should look down and to the left while speaking to each other. If you need to look up at a computer screen or a report please ensure to cover your eyes to avoid any accidental eye contact.

Pranks Office - New Employee Pranks funny office pranks - april fools jokes - joker teeth

New Employees can be easy targets because they are in the world of believing just about anything you say. I remember working at a restaurant and the Chef was yelling at the new guy to run downstairs and get a loaf of brown toast. Each time he returned with a loaf of bread he was told to go and find the brown toast. You can make up any gadget or crazy protocol for them to follow.

Examples: Dehydrated Water, Bucket of compressed air or steam, Lightning bolts, a left handed wrench, hammer, razor, snow tires for the shopping carts or whatever. Using a sense of urgency will force the rookie to act without thinking through the request.

New Employee Pranks - That Guy is Crazy

Tell a new staff member some hideous story about another employee. Tell them to watch out for that person because he has a really bad temper (especially if they are kind and gentle). Or tell them not to make eye contact with them because they may snap-or any other BS you want to pull off. It works best when other employees are coming up to the target and saying things like, "Did they warn you about that employee?" If they say no then wish them good luck.

Pranks Office - The I can't take a Prank, Prank

If you get Pranked by a Subordinate....Pretend to be a bad sport and fire them. Look good and angry when you tell them. hen wait a few moments before you say, “Aah, I am just #*#@ing with ya! - Your not fired ”

Pranks Office - No Service on the Cell Phone

Get a hold of someone's cell phone and change the greeting banner to say "NO SERVICE". Many cell phones have greeting banners on them that you can personalize to say whatever you want them to and it stays on there when you're not using your phone.

Pranks Office - Low Test Coffee

This is more of a long term April Fools Prank - but you still can do it for just April Fool Day. Change the coffee in the office coffee maker to decaf. Wait a couple of weeks (or until you people have moved past their caffeine addiction) and switch to espresso.

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