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Prank Your Friends Part 3 - Great April Fools Day Jokes

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Prank Your Friends 3 - Loud TV Prank

Many new TVs have an option on them that lets you set a time for them to turn on. Simply go to the menu and set it for about 2:37 AM. Before you go to bed turn the volume up to max and shut off.

Prank Your Friends - Butt Face Prank

Take a picture of your butt and tape onto someone's driver's license and they won't notice until they pull it out for the next speeding ticket.

Prank Your Friends - Foggy Glasses

If you put a layer of Saran Wrap on a pair of glasses that have been left around it makes for some very foggy reading. Reading glasses, sun glasses or just regular glasses will work.

Prank Your Friends - Alarm Clocks From Hell

Get as many cheap alarm clocks as you can (from garage sales or second hand stores). Set them to go off at 3:00 am and every 20 minutes thereafter. Hide them well.

Prank Your Friends - It’s Way Too Heavy

Grab an empty cardboard box and tape it up. In big felt pen write on the outside, Extremely Heavy - Do not lift. Then carry the box like it weighs 150 lbs. Ask someone to help you right away. Then in a loud voice ask them, "You got it? You got it?" Once they get their hands underneath the box let it go. Watch them overcompensate.

Prank Your Friends - Your TV is on Crack

Spend the money to get a second matching remote. Change channels while they are watching. The secret to this prank is to not overuse it. If you use it in small doses you can carry this one on for months not just on April Fools’ day. Remember, as soon as the second remote is discovered your prank is over.

Prank Your Friends - Where TF is my door?

Steal a person's door. Leave a trail of hostage notes (clues) as to where to find it. Have them running all over the place trying to find it and have them end up somewhere near where they started (like in the next room or under the bed).

Prank Your Friends - Anal Retentive Button Pushing

When people are obsessive about order in their environment, move things around to make them lose their minds. Slight movement of the furniture, pictures on the wall or any other movable object will also be very irritating to subject. For better results do small subtle movements and do it everyday.

Prank Your Friends - Change The Clocks

It's usually not a good idea to make people late but it is totally fine to make them early or at least wake them up early. This trick works best when you change every clock, including the car and their watch. If they confront you tell them there was a power surge.

More Harmless Pranks to do to Your Friends

Prank Your Friends - The TV is Broke

Put one of those bullet hole broken glass stickers and put it on the TV. Tell your roommates/parents that you dropped something against the screen. They are not supposed to touch it because it is leaking extremely toxic chemicals

Prank Your Friends - Free Shower From the Kitchen Sink

This is one of the oldest April Fools Tricks in the book. Place a rubber band on the spray nozzle at a sink so that the first person to turn on the water gets sprayed.

Prank Your Friends - Saran Wrap on the Toilet Bowl

This is an old one but it still works. For men it can make a nasty little mess and women it can be a shocking little bum touch.

Prank Your Friends - The Non Sudsy Soap

Paint a soap bar, or all the soap bars in your house with colorless nail polish (reserving one for yourself). No matter how much they try to use the soap it will not give off any suds.

Prank Your Friends - Talk Trash In Your Sleep

Pretend to talk about whoever is currently annoying in life while you are pretending to be asleep.

Prank Your Friends - Where is the Ending of my Friggin Book?

Remove the last page or two of a book your friend is reading, but the least you can do is leave a note indicating where they can find it.

Prank Your Friends -Nasty Foot Pain

This involves duct taping a pencil in between the liner and the shell of a ski boot or any other active footwear. But you could use any annoying object on any kind of footwear. This prank is not just for April Fools’ but it will motivate your friends to get you back.

Prank Your Friends - The Crazy Lying Stickers

Put feminine stickers on the back of your victim's shirt if he is male or vice versa. Some examples are like "boy crazy" or "princess". Put messages on work lockers, cars, houses, and other noticeable locations. Try to find out which form of music they hate the most and put that sticker on. You can also change their political endorsement signs during a hotly contested election or referendum.

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