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Prank Your Friends Part 2 - Great April Fools Day Jokes

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Prank Your Friends 2 - Airport Laughs

When you have a friend coming into the airport make a sign that says, "Welcome back from Prison" or "Congratulations on your sex change." Bonus points for getting strangers involved and saying things like, "I saw your story on TV - a terrible miscarriage of justice," or "Wow you don't look like a man/woman at all any more."

Prank Your Friends 2 - Toilet Paper Confusion

Leave a note after you have lets say toilet papered somebody's house and put the wrong name on it - Like, "Ha ha Steve this is payback for sleeping with my sister." This is a great April Fools’ Prank.

Prank Your Friends 2 - Did I Just Rip My Pants?

Put some money on the floor. When target goes to pick it up have a small piece of cloth that you can rip. If you time it right target will think the worst.

Prank Your Friends 2 - The Non Prank Revenge

This one can be the most powerful prank there is. The best target is someone who likes to prank but is also a little paranoid. Get as many support people to say that you are really pissed at them for the last prank and that you have been planning revenge for over a month now. Make sure your assistants emphasize that you are obsessed with revenge and is really going to teach you a lesson. Then never do a single thing. They will check their bed, clothes, car or whatever else they suspect might be targeted.

Prank Your Friends 2 - Reorganize the Target’s Kitchen

Just move the contents of one cupboard to another. Just do something subtle on a regular basis. Then tell them you were reading an article in the paper about haunted houses and that their house is on the list. Ask another friend to phone and say they saw it on the news too. Ask if they think it is true and then reinforce that you don't believe in that stuff. Repeat subtle movements of cupboard contents until they figure it out.

Prank Your Friends 2 - Drinking Rotten Milk

Put food color in milk to make it look like it has gone bad and then bet somebody that you will drink it…adding marshmallows will work too.

More Pranks to Pull on Friends

Prank Your Friends 2 - Change the Channels for No Reaso

We mentioned this one earlier for your house. Get a universal remote control and mess with the channels and volume at your local TV shop, while standing nearby. Try to be covert so you can keep doing it.

Prank Your Friends 2 - Messing with the Marquee Sign

This is more of a prank to do with a friend. Just rearrange the letters on a marquee sign. We don’t recommend this at all, but it sure can be funny. Avoid changing signs with traffic information - you will go to jail.

Prank Your Friends 2 - Eat Your Friends Puke

Make up a food concoction usually some kind of stew will work well. Just rig it up so that if you have your back to the target you should be able to puke without the container being seen. Good to make some realistic puking noises while “Puking” Dump the containers contents on the table. YOu may want to rig up a container that you can squeeze for a slight projectile effect. Once you have puked get your friends to grab forks and start eating the goodies.

Prank Your Friends 2 - We Won the Lottery

This one takes a little efort. Record an evening of TV on the night of the lottery drawing one week. Make sure to record the lottery drawing also. Buy lottery tickets for the following week drawings with the numbers drawn on the night you recorded it.
Invite a friend over to watch TV that night (works better if you know they didn't watch TV the week before). Ask them to buy half your lottery ticket and you'll share the winnings 50/50. When the lottery drawing is held (on your tape) have them hold the ticket and check the numbers. Watch their reaction.

More Harmless Pranks to do to Your Friends

Prank Your Friends 2 - The Fake Fight

You will need a co-conspirator, which works best if it is a female. Then you need to practice the “Hollywood Punch”. You know where you miss punching but it looks very close, especially if the angle is just right. Get your assistant to practice “hitting” you while you clap your hands at the perceived moment of contact. Then when out in public start a verbal sparring match and
finish with your assistant knocking you to the ground. Crawl away backwards on the ground calling them a Nutball.

The Old Apple Juice and Urine Switch

This is more about a practical joke between you and your doctor. When you go to a doctor’s office to give a urine sample bring some apple juice that is not clear. When your nurse asks you to pee in a cup, pour the apple juice in the sample jar. Take the "urine" it to the nurse and if she makes a remark about how cloudy it is, say, "Well, let's run it through again!" and proceed to drink the "urine".

Prank Your Friends 2 - Alarms in the Wall

This has to be our absolute favorite prank. Go to a store like Walmart and buy four or five cheap digital watches. When your target is out of their house or work take the watches and set the alarms so they can go off at different intervals. Then put the watches behind four or five light switch face plates. The alarm will go off long enough to be noticed but will shut off after a short period of time. Target will not be able to figure out. Most cheap watch batteries last well over a year.

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