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Prank Your Friends Part 1 - Great April Fools Day Jokes

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Prank Your Friends - The Rubber Snake

All you need is a rubber snake and some fishing line. Tie the fishing line around the snake and then attach the other end of the line to the inside of a cupboard or anything that opens and closes. Set it up so that when they open the door/cupboard the snake will jump out when they do. This is a totally easy prank to pull off. You can also tie the fishing line to a plastic cup filled with water.

Prank Your Friends - Snot Trick

Take a little sauerkraut and stuff the end of it up your nose so it hangs down over your mouth. Put your hands over your nose and mouth and fake a sneeze in front of someone. Then pull your hands down and if you can stand it, start eating the sauerkraut.Before you start say something like, Mama always taught me not to waste food”. You can also use a raw oyster in your hand with a fake sneeze.

Prank Your Friends - You Smell Like Chicken

Put a chicken bouillon cube in the shower head. It is usually subtle enough that target doesn't notice but everyone else does. For excitement try beef or vegetable. You can also use any kind of hard candy.

Prank Your Friends - The Leaky Waterbed Trick

If somebody owns a water bed, ( I think there is at least a few dozen left) pour a glass or two of water on the floor beside the bed. After they drain and fix the hole (Ha ha) pour some more water on the floor.

Prank Your Friends - Shut the Power Off Prank

Just shut the power switch off to coincide with any event that may not seem connected like New Year’s, or midnight or the start of an anticipated championship sporting event. Fifteen seconds will usually do the trick.

Prank Your Friends - Tabasco Trick

Take a straw and dip it into some tabasco. Put your finger over the top of the straw. Then put straw into a drink. When target takes a drink it will be pure tabasco. If anyone else tries it it will be just the beverage.

Prank Your Friends - Addition Prank

This one could take up to a month to execute but it is well worth the wait. First you will have to buy some old silverware from a couple of garage sales, thrift store or whatever. Every time you go to your target's house, put a couple forks, spoons, whatever in the silverware drawer. You can also add a fork and take a spoon each time. Maybe they will think their spoons are turning into forks. Pretty soon they will empty it out and begin to think they are nuts.

Prank Your Friends - Subtraction Prank

Every day take a small object from one room and place it another room. Repeat until room is empty.

More Pranks to do to Your Friends

Prank Your Friends - Don’t Look in the Medicine Cabinet

I saw a statistic somewhere that about thirty percent of the population snoops through medicine cabinets. When you have a party, put a “Please Do Not Touch” sign on the medicine cabinet (This just makes them want to look for sure).

Rig up a small box full of marbles. Cut one side of the box so that you are able to close the cabinet but when the cabinet is opened the marbles all start rolling out of the box onto the counter top when the cabinet is opened - It makes a heck of a racket. Also works with golfballs.

Just use a piece of cardboard that is large enough to hold up the golfballs. Hold it up to the open medicine cabinet and fill with golfballs. close the cabinet and then slip the cardboard out and finish closing the cabinet. This one is easy and works every time.

Or for an added twist...if you know your friend is going to have company over - make up a bunch of fake pill bottles - like how to extend your manhood, projectile vomiting reduction, Bed wetting or any other ailment you can come up with .

Prank Your Friends - Lime Juice Helps Your Wound

If you are in the room when someone cuts their finger, tell them that lime juice is the best thing to stop the bleeding and to clean a wound - tell them it might sting a little. After they stopped screaming - so maybe you got it mixed up with something else.

Prank Your Friends - You have funny Underwear

Take a really large pair of underwear (old lady or man style) and write the victim's name in them and leave them in the bathroom floor for every one to find.

Prank Your Friends - Speed Dial Trick

Get a list of strange numbers like the mental hospital, local bowling lanes, etc.. then take those numbers and program them into your friends contact list under current names. (You may want to write down the original number so they don’t get too pissed at you) You can also change all the friends and family phone numbers around. If they change all the numbers back. Change them again.

Prank Your Friends - Change the Language

Another great cell phone or home phone trick is to change the operating language. Most phone have setting for different languages so go change your friends phone to french, german or Japanese. Sometimes it takes weeks to figure out how to get it back to normal

Prank Your Friends - Carrot Seeds

Buy some carrot seeds. When the coast is clear spell a message on your target’s lawn. Something not too mean-just funny. It takes time for the seeds to germinate but once they they have a different shade and leaf size than regular grass, they will really stand out. Weed killer only works on broad leaves and carrots are narrow leaf. the good news is that when they finally mature the target will have a tasty snack.

More Pranks to do to Your Friends

Prank Your Friends - I Poked My Eye

Wet a tissue with milk and run around holding the tissue to your eye pretending you stuck your pen in your eye, when somebody comes close, squeeze the tissue to make the Milk spurt out all over the place.

Prank Your Friends - Look At Me I am Proud To...

Use your computer to make a sticker for their car that says, "Masturbation is my right! and I am proud of it" or any other fitting message for your friend.

Prank Your Friends - Scantily Clad Picture of Mom/Dad

If your roommate has posters of scantily clad men/women up, get a picture of your friend’s Mom/Dad and match the size of her head on one of the Scantily Clad posters. Cut out the face and tape it over the face on the poster. Very disturbing for the victim. Really Impressive if their Mom or Dad finds it before the target does.

Prank Your Friends - This Kids is Crazy

Make weird disturbing notes or sketches on their day timer or school books or work logs…keep it subtle yet throughly unnerving

Prank Your Friends - Darts that Don’t Hurt

Play darts? Unscrew the metal tip and just throw the wings at your friend….demand that they dance or you will throw them darts at them. This prank works best when you are on the other side of the room so they can’t see if the tips are not on the darts.

Prank Your Friends - Does This Hurt?

Fill a very large glass full of water, tell a friend to place their hands on a table (palms down), put the glass on top of one hand and ask if it hurts, when they say "no" tell them to put one hand on top of the other, place the glass on top of both hands, and ask, "Does it hurt now?" then walk away.

Prank Your Friends - Somebody Had A Party

What you are going to do for this one is make it look like there was a big party in somebodies back yard. After your friends have gone to bed, set up the back yard like there “was a party. Leave some cigarette butts, empty beer cans, a deck of cards, some poker chips on the ground and maybe some naughty magazines on the patio furniture. Leave balloons a half eaten cake and dirty plates. Just be really, really quiet.

Prank Your Friends - Money on a String

An old classic it works every time. Tie some money to some fishing line and see who you can reel in.


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